City Crazy Ferrari 488 Pista Driver Baffles New York City

Danger: Take Heed!

Video of a Ferrari 488 Pista carrying out donuts on a packed New York City roadway was recently released.

A recording demonstrates a matte black specimen carrying out daredevil performances on a public road. A thick cloud emanates from the car’s rear wheels while the 710-horsepower, V8 engine bellows, moving in a reckless and emphatic way.

After a brief show of power, the Ferrari driver braked firmly, ending his spell and chilling out with an entourage of BMW M3 and Lamborghini Aventador, like these two were on some sort of extravagant mission. Notwithstanding that, it is beyond dispute that the Ferrari chauffeur’s behavior was irresponsible and perilous.

Gratefully, the roadway was devoid of any parked autos, and fortunately no cars were cruising by; however, several bystanders on the walkway could have been hurt if something had gone awry.

This kind of conduct casts a negative light on automobile aficionados, even though lots of us would never indulge in this kind of neglectful activity. It is due to deeds such as these that law enforcement in Florida has tightened control over illegal street driving and takeover of junctions.

On a second viewing of the video, we observed the Ferrari executing stunts on 5th Avenue, a busy boulevard that is generally filled with travelers and visitors. The renowned street is also single-directional, making the manoeuvers all the more absurd.

Previously, there had been a commotion caused in New York by a supercar proprietor. In the past, Ben Chen was renowned for causing havoc when his Gemballa Mirage GT (derived from the Carrera GT) collided with a parked minivan and he quickly left the accident zone while his mangled Porsche triggered chaos. Soon after, all case against him were dismissed.

Whether the Ferrari chauffeur manages to keep a low profile remains up in the air, however their sportscar is much better suited towards a winding raceway where their optimised force and chassis can be used and delighted in.

Since the F8 Tributo took its place, the 488 (and especially the Pista version) remains an awe-inspiring ride; it can hit 62 mph in just short of 2.9 seconds and has a maximum speed of 211 mph. It’s a genuine blue blood so, if you don’t revere it, then the passionate Italian will serve you with a warning.

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