Classic Meets Modern: 1976 Chevrolet C10 Restomod with Sleek Upgrades

70’s style revival: A modern twist on a classic car with GM chassis restoration

Roadster Shop, a company based in Illinois, has recently transformed a 1976 Chevrolet C10 into what they call an “Urban Cowboy.” The level of skill and attention to detail in this project is truly remarkable. Rather than opting for a lowered appearance and swapping in a powerful Hellcat engine, the main goal for this concept was to turn the predecessor of the Silverado into a functional 4×4 pickup truck. The end result is a vehicle that not only looks impressive with its 35-inch wheels, but also has the proper tires and stance to handle any terrain.

The pickup truck underwent a thorough renovation, where its body panels were meticulously reshaped and aligned as if it were a full restoration. Tightening the panel gaps was also part of the process to enhance the vehicle’s appearance. The paint job maintained its original Catalina Blue hue.

The 'Urban Cowboy' | Roadster Shop Legend Series build #004 | 1976 Chevy C10 | Details and Drive!

The main objective of the project was to design a vehicle that resembles a GMC Sierra Denali in terms of amenities and convenience. While the truck boasts of its ability to navigate rugged terrain, it leans more towards being a display piece rather than a utilitarian workhorse.

Similar to its appearance, the interior of the C10 has undergone a thorough revamp and refurbishment. The vehicle boasts new door panels that were created using 3D printing technology, giving them a modern touch. The wood grain accents have been hydro-dipped for a stylish finish, while chrome trim adds a touch of sophistication. The door cards are now made of premium leather and the dashboard has been completely redone with hand-stitched leather, showcasing exquisite craftsmanship. The seats have also been upgraded to luxurious leather, completing the high-end look and feel of the cabin. To add to the overall aesthetic, Roadster Shop’s Legends Series kick panel has been installed, along with a wool carpet for added comfort and style. Even the steering wheel has not been overlooked, receiving a custom makeover with Alcantara suede covering to complement the truck’s interior design.

The C10 also receives holders for cups, a cooling system, and a sound system equipped with a Kicker head unit and integrated into the default proportions of the dashboard. It also features insulation to reduce noise for a smoother driving experience. In contrast to other ostentatious lowrider C10 projects, this one boasts a refined yet opulent interior.

This truck is mounted on a Legend Series Roadster Shop platform, providing it with the latest 4×4 capabilities that allow for seamless switching between drive modes. The framework is constructed using authentic GM parts and boasts an innovative front suspension system complete with power rack and pinion steering. This provides the C10 with the contemporary performance of a brand-new vehicle, all while preserving its timeless aesthetics.

Beneath its exterior, the C10 features a naturally aspirated LT1 engine that boasts an impressive 460 horsepower. Unlike many other restomods that boast outrageous power levels, this amount is sufficient to provide the truck with swift acceleration while maintaining a level of refinement.

Detailed attention was given to both the exterior and interior of the truck, mirroring the same meticulousness that was directed towards the engine bay, resulting in a clean and fresh appearance. The C10’s chassis is also equipped with Fox shocks on every side, progressive leaf springs, and a 12-bolt rear end.


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