Classic Porsche 911: Unveiling Its Electric Secret

Silent Power: German Legend Reimagined as EV with Electrogenics.

UK-based Electrogenics has unveiled its version of the electrified Porsche 911, joining a slew of other enterprises that deliver a like service to environmentally aware vintage car lovers.

What sets this vehicle apart from the other options? For starters, the company’s unique “plug and play” powertrain is completely reversible, meaning that owners can reinstall the original flat-six engine at any time if they so desire. This feature provides an extra level of flexibility and convenience that other vehicles may not offer.

This unique automobile is the inaugural customer model to present a drop-in E62 kit alteration. The water-cooled 160 kW machine yields 215 horsepower and 230 lb-ft of torque to the rear wheels by means of a single-speed gearbox. As a consequence, the traditional electric car can accelerate to 60 miles per hour in under five seconds – an impressive feat.

Electric Porsche 911 Drop-In Conversion Kits | Electrogenic

Customers wanting additional power may choose the E62s package, granting a 240 kW motor with 320 horsepower and 80 lb-ft of torque extra. The outcome is a quickened acceleration rate, allowing the Porsche to race to 60 mph in an astounding 3.8 seconds.

Electric cars are well-known for their ability to accelerate quickly, but the momentum tends to wane at the top end. However, Electrogenics is convinced that this isn’t a problem with their 911 model, which they describe as having “rampant, relentless acceleration” even after hitting 100 mph.

No matter the package picked, power is generated by a 62 kWh battery resting low in the vehicle to establish a center of gravity that is close to the ground. It sits close to the front and engine area, with the producer affirming they have accomplished better weight equilibrium than what is seen on the original version of the car.

In terms of body weight, it has been said that the electric modification equates to a heftier 220-pound addition to the sports vehicle. With regards to range coverage, one can anticipate a single charge fueling approximately 180-200 miles of travel. Both packages come with speedy CCS charging, taking an estimated 50 minutes to completely fill.

“While the drivetrain is modern, Electrogenics hasn’t tampered with the iconic styling of the Irish Green 911. It may look like the legendary 2.7 RS, but this ’85 G-Body has been ‘backdated’ to appear to be an older model. The interior still features the original instrumentation, however, it has been altered to display range and charge speed information.”

Tan leather furnishings aptly harmonizes with the deep verdant exterior of the vehicle. The single notice omission is the gear shifter, replaced instead by a petite drive control panel. Among the notable enhancements is an all-new electric heating system – much appreciated.

“We’ve seen a huge surge in interest for electric classic cars,” said Steve Drummond, co-founder of the company. “We’re now looking forward to providing clean and dependable electric motoring to enthusiasts around the world, in conjunction with our expanding network of installers. This is just the beginning, so stay tuned for more exciting updates in the coming months.”

For those who refuse to go electric with a Porsche, Lunaz offers an equally attractive alternative for Jaguar E-Types, Triumph Stags and classic Land Rovers. Particularly in the US, ECD has tailored this operation to fit the needs of such vehicles, leading the charge to convert many of these old cars into something entirely different. Moreover, if you have the financial resources, it is even possible to transition a rare Bentley into an electric vehicle, fully equipped by Lunaz.

Electrogenics annunciate their package that is compatible with both G-Body and 964 series of 911s, bestowing such option to even more car gurus to switch their Porsches to a full-electric power. It may not be everybody’s cup of tea, however it’s an interesting idea if you own a classic vehicle whose engine is now derelict. Furthermore, the astute engineering grants you the chance to reinstate the prior combustion engine, should your opinion ever convert.

We have seen this before; Mini’s exclusive Mini Recharged service offers a transformational prospect for pre-owned Minis. Yet, any core elements remain intact so if the proprietor wishes to revert the automobile back to its authentic form, this is achievable.

In terms of pricing, Electrogenics does not specify an amount; nevertheless, we assume the specialized service is not inexpensive. Individuals located in the United States can purchase the set through retail partners associated with the business.

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