Compact Camper Proves Cozy Homes in Small Spaces

Full-Time Home with Kitchen, Bed, and Bath: $20K
Her $20k Camper Van Build - DIY Stealth Tiny Home

In almost every self-made camper adaptation we have viewed, the car either has a lofty roof or one is included during its evolution. But that isn’t the situation with Kath, the mastermind behind this average yet extraordinary 2007 Ford E-250. She explicitly wished for something having a shorter roof for simpler maneuverability in municipalities, since her motorhome serves as both her residence and the platform from which she operates her jewelry enterprise.

The outcome is a modest covering externally yet with an inviting, cozy living area within. In a video from Tiny Home Tours on YouTube, Kath announces that she personally created the van, using about $20,000. This is her permanent abode and she states that it’s essential for full-time inhabitants like her to manufacture a van that appears like a suitable dwelling. That’s why she erected a permanent place to rest at the rear, so she can collapse anytime without having to put anything assemblage.

A two-burner gas stove is an eternal presence in the cramped kitchen. An 11 lb tank of propane can sustain a family for half a year. Utilizing about 5 gal of fresh water, dispersed through a faucet with a manual foot pump, it allows her to be conscientious and efficient with utilization. Her standard sized Ford van has a low roof, but hey, as far as bathrooms go she has got a camping toilet, so she is doing great for what she’s working with! Sadly, unfortunately, there isn’t enough space for a shower.

In the movie, Kath avows her predilection for antiques and locally-made handicrafts. We repeatedly observe camper builds that stress practicality rather than beauty, so it is pleasing to catch a glimpse of something that truly resembles a home. Mementoes, artwork, and electronic gear – a 100 amp-hour lithium battery and a 1,000 watt inverter – are artfully stowed away under a vintage-style bench seat.

While us guerilla journalists don’t always have the luxury of fountain of imaginative ideas, we adulate Kath’s vintage typewriter (maybe a Remington?) now being utilized to its maximum extent. Her kitchen table changes to a desk when it swivels across her bed forming an enjoyable workstation.

Kath declares there is only 20 square feet of area obtainable in the van. From the video journey and pictures shared on her Instagram profile, she has really done a remarkable job transforming the limited space into a wonderful dwelling.

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