. Tallest Roof Ever: Ford Cargo Van Camper Conversion

Ken & Laura’s $12,600 Full-Time Van Home
Custom High Top Camper Van w/ Tons of Headspace

Cue the jokes about rousing the ceiling for a domestic gathering. All things considered, this elderly Ford E-350 cargo van is a living space for all time, and that roof has been raised significantly. The end product is a relatively minimal camper that has all but the necessities of a home, complete with a spacious kitchenette, a bed, and a toilet. Overall, the whole build – such as the expense of the van – totals up to $12,600.

Recently, Ken and Laura were featured on Tiny Home Tours’ YouTube channel for their van they had constructed. This is presently functioning as their full-time dwelling in Oregon, with Ken operating their own van conversion business – essentially, it is a portfolio of the work he does. After viewing their Instagram photographs, it is evident that every centimeter of the standard-sized vehicle has been effectively utilized.

The elevated rooftop might be the largest permanent top that has been seen by us, while surveying the cultural scene of vanlife, in a great many years. The video provides an appreciative look at the automobile as it went through the assembly process, which involved practically two full years of labour centered around weekends and evenings. A kitchen takes up much of the available area – it contains a double-burn hueveo stove with a roomy sink, plentiful countertop area, and the refrigerator is placed vis-a-vis to the gliding door, rendering it readily accessible from outdoors. There’s even a microwave set up, along with a provisions pantry, condiments shelving, plus capacity for apt storage of fresh vegetables. In a vehicle of this dimension, that is certainly an impressive accomplishment.

The back of the van provides an area where both living and dining can take place; comprising a couple’s compact couch as well as a warm bistro table. The bed is differently situated in relation to the kitchen, running orthogonally north-southwise. Thanks to the increased height of the rooftop, fearlessly elevating the bed is possible without worrying about having any clashes occur. Furthermore, accessing the toilet kept at the entrance of the vehicle remains easily achievable underneath.

The van boasts 400 watts of solar power on the rooftop and is backed up by a duo of 100-amp/hour batteries. Shore power can also be tapped when available, and it has 25 gallons of water in its reservoir. The stove is powered through propane fuel and it’s totally suited for nefarious adventures into nature. Ken designed a custom back bumper that offers adequate room for the spare tire and bikes, despite its two-wheel-drive composition and moderate ground clearance; rugged all-terrain tires make sure it can handle off-the-road conditions.

Ken and Laura relish it, and it fits the bill of an economical assemblement. They readily admit their wish for something more considerable; one hopes they will post visuals of that experience on Instagram as well.

Source: Tiny Home Tours via YouTube

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