Design Sketch: GMC Sierra EV – Bold & Muscular

Retaining Elements But Changing Proportions

GMC posesses a distinct electric pick-up truck, the Sierra EV. The final design is attractive, but an old conceptual sketch reveals an even more audacious and powerful look.

This artwork, created by Jason Chen at General Motors Design, appeared recently on the brand’s official Instagram page. Featuring a compact cabin and distinct front end, this digitally-rendered truck definitely wouldn’t be practical to drive in real life: however, we think it looks very cool with its sharp features!

“The GMC Sierra EV has kept many of the defining features of the original sketch,” said one source. “The headlights, the ‘grille’, the wheel arches and the sculpted sides are all there, but in more realistic sizes.”

The Sierra EV is the second zero-emission pickup truck in GMC’s lineup, slated to arrive at outlets in the beginning of 2024. Adopting a unibody structure with an integrated Ultium battery pack, this EV can offer an impressive 400 miles on just once full-charge. Moreover, add an extra 100 miles to one’s range it only 10 minutes with 350 kW fast-charging capability or 800V DC ability. If users have the correct equipment, the Sierra EV even has the capacity to provide power for family home essentials for up to three weeks.

The flagship of Sierra’s EV range, the Denali Edition 1, was sold out within a day at the price point of $108,695. Boasting about its average strength to output up to 754 horsepower and 785 pound-feet of torque, it could reach 60 mph in around 4.5 seconds with its four-wheel steering technology including Crabwalk mode. This vehicle also possesses an air suspension capable of lifting or lowering the truck by two inches, plus a towing capacity of 9,500 lbs and a cargo load weight of up to 1,300 lbs.

Within the Sierra EV Denali, you can find first-class finishes such as wood-grain and aluminum accents along with a large 16.8 inch tall display. Plus, enjoy Super Cruise, an extra-wide sunroof, 14 small video cameras, Bose sound system, and a keyless ignition.

GMC is expecting to launch the Sierra EV around the $50,000 mark, though official information regarding what trim levels will be available and when precisely it will go on sale has yet to be divulged.

Source: General Motors Design via Instagram

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