Design Your Dream 12-Cylinder Ferrari with the Custom Configurator

Customize Your Dream $423,000 Ferrari with Countless Options!

The Ferrari 12Cilindri, as the name suggests, is the newest front-engined, V-12 supercar from Maranello. The 6.5-liter engine is naturally aspirated. There has been some criticism about its design; not everyone is a fan of the retro Daytona-inspired look. Perhaps a fresh coat of paint and different wheels could change opinions.

This is where Ferrari’s internet customization tool plays a role. It offers over 25 exterior color options to cover the 12 cylinders of your ideal car, divided into four categories: Traditional, Vintage, Regular, and Extra. The Traditional section offers choices such as Corsa Blue and, naturally, Imola Red, while the Vintage selections include more intense, luxurious shades like British Racing Green and an exquisite Dino Red (shown below).

You have the freedom to match any of these exterior hues with a selection of five wheel choices—each one is a great pick. You can opt for two wheels in black, two combining silver and black, or a single pair in pure silver. Additionally, you have the option to customize further with titanium wheel bolts, carbon center caps, or black wheel caps.

Ferrari offers an additional nine color choices for the brake calipers, including basic shades such as black and blue, as well as more daring options like reds, yellows, and even a gold selection. For the exhaust tips, there are two color choices: titanium and black ceramic. Additionally, you have the option to select either a carbon fiber roof or panoramic glass.

The inside of the car comes with an additional 15 choices of leather colors. While most options lean towards beiges and browns, there are also bold choices like Rosso Red or a stunning Catra Da Zucchero deep blue. Ferrari provides a wide variety of Alcantara inserts in colors such as Tortora moss green or Blu Medio. Additionally, there are five different seat choices available, offering a range from extremely comfortable to very sporty.

There are numerous options available to personalize your ideal 12-cylinder vehicle…although it’s inconsequential. Ferrari’s latest V-12 sports car is probably already fully booked for the foreseeable future. And even if it wasn’t, the price tag of $423,000 for the coupe and $466,000 for the convertible would likely be beyond the financial reach of most individuals. Nevertheless, dreaming is always free.

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