Drifting a RWD Honda Civic EK: Done Right

Creating Awesome: Hard Work Rewarded

A tuning business has created an astonishing Honda Civic with a rear-wheel-drive transformation. And interestingly enough, most of the parts used in the process are from Honda! To be sure, other firms such as Renegade Racing have done similar conversions in the past, but this one is absolutely extraordinary due to its capacity to skid in a spectacular fashion, as the small-wheelbase construction was specially designed to drift.

The Honda Civic EK in question was fashioned by the automobile improvement firm Throtl. Recently featured by Larry Chen on his YouTube channel, we got to observe it firing up handbrake-induced slides around some cones. According to Throtl, this build involved four years of hard work.

Throtl's RWD-Converted EK Civic Drift (and Grip) Car

On the exterior, this car flaunts carbon fiber body panels dyed white and a black rooftop. Basically, it’s designed on the lines of the Civic Type R but quasi modified with widebody-style fender flares. Topping off the look is a set of Motegi Racing wheels along with a roof mounted wing and a smaller spoiler on the hatchback.

This striking, rear wheel drive Civic is notably one of a kind in that many similar conversions opt for Nissan Silvia (S-Platform) bits. But this vehicle harnesses Honda S2000’s hardware with custom fabricated engine mounts and steering racks as well as Toyota AE86 front chassis elements.

The motorcar also utilizes a copious measure of its original Honda suspension, which the creators concede brought about a rear-wheel-drive car with a front-wheel-drive suspension architecture; in any case, that is how it is.

This sporty RWD Civic employs a turbocharged K20 engine that is mounted longitudinally for motivating power, asserted to generate roughly 380 ponies. But due to its Haltech engine management system, a single button press can actually make as much as 550 hp while operating at maximum boost. Therefore, drifting the car is simple.

Apart from the comfy bucket seats and the original Honda EK dashboard, there is now also a transmission tunnel inside the interior which, for some, may appear as an odd sight in a Civic. Inside this tunnel is the S2000 F-series gearbox that has been fitted with a K-series adapter. Additionally, by using a custom-manufactured driveshaft, a S2000 differential was linked to a specially crafted rear axle.

This structure is fairly intricate and can be challenging to put into effect correctly. Nevertheless, upon observing Chen himself drift this RWD Civic EK vehicle, one can ascertain that it does in fact prove effective.

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