ECD’s Electric Drivetrain for Land Rover Restomods

Faster DC Charging and Updated Display

ECD Automotive Design, an expert on restoring Land Rovers, has declared the specifics of its advanced electric drivetrains. This will allow their custom creations to have clean energy-driven operation. Most of ECD’s luxurious Land Rover Defender rebuilds have used powerful V8 motors in the past; however, like many others, they too have begun to make the switch to EVs.

The cutting-edge electric powertrains arrive kitted with either a 42kWh or 84kWh battery, suggesting faster charging capabilities. Motorists can track the status of the powertrain effortlessly with information like remaining distance and energy productivity featured on an up-to-date interface that is a part of the infotainment system.

The revamped electric energy systems have been outfitted with new batteries and no longer incorporate recycled battery components. The compact 42-kWh battery has a range of 150 miles, designed specifically for classic Jaguar E-Type automobiles. On the other hand, the large 84-kWh battery is fitted with vintage Defenders, which are much heavier and require additional power. This larger battery yields a range of 200 miles when used in the Defender.

ECD announces the latest lithium batteries, which are capable of DC speedy charging. This state-of-the-art tech enables users to restore the charge from ten percent up to eighty in under an hour.

“At ECD, our biggest benefit is that we’re never content – changing our electric drivetrains is just the latest in a series of alterations we’ve made since 2013,” declared Chief Technology Officer and ECD co-founder Elliot Humble. “After thorough testing on battery life, range, and more, I’m positive that our fresh EVs will provide a much more potent driving experience for the ECD community.”

As an element of the electric powertrain augmentation, an innovative driver’s display has been incorporated into a crafted console. From this, users are able to select from three driving settings: Eco-friendly, Usual, and Sports.

Eco mode generates an effect of reduced throttle on the pedal and has a focus on getting more out of range, while Sport mode heightens performance to its highest amount. The Normal setting grants a preferred combination in between energy and performance. From this touchscreen presentation, drivers have the chance to transition in between 2WD and 4WD; here, when energy is sent with sole purpose to the backside wheels, the car provides a further range. This panel also provides entry to the regenerative braking system and hill aid/idle creep mode.

A few weeks ago, ECD unveiled a Defender equipped with a Tesla powertrain. This variant came with a substantially bigger 100-kWh battery and cranked out 450 horsepower. However, given that ECD’s custom builds are anticipated to end up in the garages of those with the financial means to buy multiple motors, such an extensive battery may not be remarkably vital.

The first vehicle furnished with ECD’s innovative electric drivetrain was a luxury vintage Defender manufactured in February.


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