Vegan 007 Dream Car: Aston Martin DB6 Restomod

A Blow to Aston Fans

Electromod gurus Lunaz have unveiled an innovative electric version of the iconic Aston Martin DB6, which pre-dates the current DB12. Having previously electrified a classic grand touring car, they’ve now elevated eco-friendliness to another level with recycled elements incorporated within the interior, as well as other sustainable features.

Gone is the original 282-horsepower 4.0-liter straight-six. Replacing it is a specially created modular electric powertrain, built by Lunaz themselves. Reportedly, this upgraded DB6 has a capacity of 375 horsepower. There is a choice between 80 and 120 kWh batteries, offering the grand tourer an impressive 255-mile range.

The groundbreaking technologies can be found within, where the tasteful cabin has been adorned with fabrics that are both lavish and eco-friendly. Lunaz has enveloped the supporting cushions, punctuating embellishments, transmission tunnel, and storage shelf with the global lowest-carbon leather. Emission volumes created during fabrication surpass the marketplace average by up to half, while the hide is derived from the farming of cattle.

Post-recycled fibers are utilized in the door card accents and seat upper flutes, creating a fabric that is a blend of recycled cotton (66%), polyester (27%), rayon (6%), and nylon (11%). This resilient material has been applied in “high-traffic” areas that are prone to the most wear and tear.

The bottom seat cushions are upholstered in a mixed recycled material fabric. Mainly comprising of repurposed polyester (54%), Lunaz has also integrated wool (35%) and nylon (11%) to craft an exquisite look and feel with a zigzag streak pattern.

Particular nuances, including the trimming on the door cards, chairs, and ceiling fabric, are constructed of a leather-resembling substitute created from apple pomace. Derived as a side product from cider and juice processing, Lunaz has melded it with a water-based polyurethane plus a wood pulp reinforcement. The finished product is a gentle material which is similar to authentic leather in both texture and appearance.

The timeless element of wood inlays has further evolved with the introduction of a biodegradable composite substance deriving from eggshells and nut shells. By blending this blend of intriguing components with a natural adhesive, a luxe marble-like effect is achieved – as well as a completely compostable and natural veneer.

They feature an integrated structure and improved heat reflection, boasting long-term efficiency.Finally, we come to the door cards and carpets. A synthetic leather fabric made from plant-derived elements has a natural texture with a semi-radiant effect. The multiple layers minimise the quantity of raw supplies required without affecting its plush appeal or sturdiness. The carpets are created out of refurbished nylon material from disused mats, discarded bottles, and nets employed in fishing. Their integrated formation as well as boosted capacity for thermal reflection guarantee long-term effectiveness.

The automobile still stays as an idea, at present, but we envisage that Lunaz will offer these environmentally-friendly resources shortly. Even though electromodding can succeed in some cases, it may get complex when corporations attempt to transform cars as uncommon as the DB6; only 1,788 were made of this model.

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