Electric Ferraris: Wheel Motors For Each Tire

Ferrari’s Route to Electric Vision Revealed

CarBuzz has stumbled upon a patent filing submitted to the United States Patent and Trademark Office that unveils Ferrari may be implementing hub motors in their debut electric automobile. This careens away from what past patents showcased; approximately three years ago, our team located blueprints for an advanced plan of an electric-powered Ferrari with motor components held inside each axle.

Adopting a different approach, going beyond the one applied to the Ferrari SF90 Stradale Hybrid, it’s time for Maranello to fully immerse into electrification. In-wheel hub motors appear to be an ideal way to balance both motor and battery packs, while creating a mid-engine feel – which is something Ferrari has suggested its EVs will have.

As the era of combustion-powered supercars draws to a close, Ferrari is looking to the future with optimism. The Italian automaker believes that electric supercars open up a world of new opportunities for thrilling experiences. Through their use of “precision mechanics, fluid dynamics, and performance software,” Ferrari promises that their EVs will be just as thrilling as their predecessors.

Ferrari is equipped to precisely control torque-vectoring and power distribution variables in a way that the normal, combustion engine cars are unable to, making the electric supercars of the future immensely captivating to drive – and this is only a small part of a larger picture.

Ferrari has also sought to protect designs for a novel tactile feedback system for electric vehicles. This technology is planned to give motorists a better means to interact with a vehicle that gives off limited sound and vibration. Additionally, there are present schemes for an integrated guidance system in order to assist future Ferrari owners to get comfortable with their supercar with no actual instructor helping them while on the course.

Ferrari could’ve already let loose an electric vehicle by this point, but it’s clear that Maranello wants to be certain they get off on the correct foot. We’re yet to encounter a completely electrically powered Fezza in the near future, however when it eventually appears, it will be equipped with technology engineered to make driving it as exhilarating as the petrol-powered suped-up productive autos of now.

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