Electric Nissan GT-R: Eccentric Design Debacle

Nissan GT-R: 2030 Release Expectation

As the end of the decade draws near, it looks as though Nissan’s stand-out sports car will be getting a radical successor. Reports suggest that this new model will take styling queues from the breathtaking Hyper Force concept vehicle which debuted at the Japan Mobility Show. More often than not, concept cars don’t translate into subsequent production models in terms of styling aesthetic; the Toyota GT86 is a prime example. Fortunately, however, it appears this won’t be the case with the next-generation GT-R.

Data regarding the Nissan Hyper Force concept car was revealed to Autocar by Giovanny Arroba, who works as Nissan’s Program Design Head. Although no hard link between the GT-R and Hyper Force was officially announced, a casual glimpse at these two models would be sufficient for an untrained eye to identify the close resemblances between them, particularly when seeing the badge of the former in front of the hood of the latter.

“The forms, dimensions, and stance aren’t just a figment of our imagination,” stated Arroba. “It’s a bold vision, but one that we can realistically hope to accomplish by the end of the decade.”

The Hyper Force concept certainly made a statement with its out-of-this-world styling, which is typical of futuristic concept cars. If Nissan could manage to keep the same design for the next GT-R, it would be sure to please many fans, especially given that car buyers reportedly have a “quite positive” reaction to the all-electric shift of the nameplate.

What’s more, if the design is true to its incarnation that’s on sale, the incoming GT-R is likely to morph into the most modern-looking vehicle around – presenting a direct contrast to the nostalgic-style of futurism with which a number of motor companies, such as Hyundai from the acclaimed Ioniq 5, and Tesla through its Cybertruck, are operating.

“The concept has become a manifesto,” said Arroba, “not just for us internally, but also for inspiring our company with a tangible dream.”

Beyond the design division, the Hyper Force model has an impressive all-electric setup offering a whopping 1,341hp – in contrast to the GT-R’s Nismo tuned twin turbo V6 capable of 600hp. The concept’s exclusive e-4ORCE AWD system allows for superior handling across all four tyres.

Should Nissan accomplish this, they would set an innovative norm in actualizing a notion vehicle. In addition, we crave to watch Toyota emulate in terms of manifesting the sporty FT-Se conception, which made its debut at the exact auto display in Tokyo.

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