Nissan’s Retractable Step Concept Unveiled

Power Sharing: V2X Exporting to Any Appliance and Grid

Nissan has just unveiled their second electric car concept in view of Japan Mobility Show 2023. Primarily geared towards enthusiasts of outdoor activities, this one definitely draws attention.

Named the Hyper Adventure Concept, this zero-emission show vehicle follows the Hyper Urban Concept’s footsteps and showcases a set of ordinary front entrances as well as a duo of butterfly back portals.

Nissan indicates that the blue crossover may be the ideal accompaniment for a person who loves nature, whether on a short-term weekend trek to the area’s foothills or a month of backwoods exploration. Making the most of its extensive battery capacity and vehicle-to-everything (V2X) capability.

The Japanese motor vehicle company does not assert the exact capacity of the high-voltage battery pack, however, they do state that their “vehicle-to-everything” (V2X) functionality suggests it can be used to supply current to a range of machines, from a straightforward water boiler to create some hot tea; to a person’s residence (through vehicle-to-home, or V2H), and even to the electrical grid by way of vehicle-to-grid (V2G). Providing, obviously, that the battery contains enough power.

Formatively, the Hyper Adventure has “expressive body panels conveying energy” in conjunction with a front spoiler that redirects airflows, fostering an upgraded aerodynamic ability according to Nissan. Also, all four rims, along with the front and rear bumpers, are equipt with cleats so as to enable the automobile to push through snowy landscapes without difficulty.

Located at the rear, a set of self-opening and closing stairs can be extremely convenient when putting on thick winter boots. The back bench seat is also capable of rotating 180 degrees, making it ideal for comfortable sitting when preparing to go on an excursion.

Concerning the cabin, the instrument board is fixed under the front window, forming a sizable visible section. The luxurious seating provides a mixture of leather and straps for additional comfort. Moreover, there is adequate room within for outside items such as tents, skis or even a kayak – although Nissan has not supplied exact measurements.

The brand’s electric e-4ORCE all-wheel drive system is also present, ensuring the concept can potentially access remote destinations without getting bogged down.

Altogether, four different electric vehicle (EV) designs will be made known at the current Japan Mobility Show. Previously, two of them were exposed virtually with the Survival two scheduled to be launched on the web on October 17 and 19 correspondingly.

Source: Nissan

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