Nissan’s Hyper Punk Crossover Concept

Nissan’s 4 Hyper Concepts on 3D Billboard

Nissan just showed off the Hyper Punk Concept, rounding out the automaker’s series of Hyper designs exhibited throughout this month. Complementing the Hyper Adventure off-road vehicle, the Hyper Urban city car, and the Hyper Tourer outlandish people carrier, the concept reflects Nissan’s vision for the future of mobility on display at the 2023 Japan Mobility Show.

“The Hyper Punk Concept from Nissan is tailored for content creators, influencers, artists, and those who embrace style and innovation,” said Nissan. This concept is an embodiment of self-expression in the digital age.

Nissan has gone to outrageous lengths in crafting the high-rise coupe crossover, draping it in striking contours, edgy creases, and daring styling, specifically the mammoth wheel arches and three-sided LEDs on each corner. Multi-faceted and polyhedral surfaces grace the vehicle, while the silver paint shimmers variably depending on light intensity and the viewpoint.

Nissan’s devoted plenty of attention to its outwardly expressive design, and that commitment is also very evident on the interior with plentiful lines, curves, and angles throughout the cabin. Featuring a unique divide between the driver and passenger sections, which is complemented by contrasting shades of red and white, the origami-like vehicle cabin further supports this striking concept. The steering yoke is shaped in a rectangular form and the interface consistency within the digital instrument cluster has been flawlessly integrated into the dashboard.

Hyper Punk isn’t just about looking great; it also houses cutting-edge connectivity capacities, such as vehicle-to-everywhere (V2X). It can fabricate manga derived landscapes, or flashy designs, depending on the environment, providing a more encompassing driving sensation. Its triple display instrument panels, linkable amenities, and sensation recognition elevate the on board experience even further.

It is uncertain if Nissan will put the Hyper Punk Concept into production as a sequel to the Ariya crossover. But if we analyse it further, its sizable 23-inch wheels, succinct overhangs and off-road focus could make it the ultimate vehicle for going farther than just the street. Yet again, as with many ideas, this may simply be for decorative purposes, granting us a taste of what Nissan can offer in the digital world in which content creators and influencers are everything.

Except for these implausible patterns experienced at this year’s Japanese Mobility Exhibition, they are as well represented in an innovative three-dimensional advertisement in Shinjuku, Tokyo.

On October 25, 2023, the “Electrify the World” feature will be released in the Fortnite online game – just in time for the opening of the auto show that was formerly known as the Tokyo Motor Show. This is sure to be an exciting addition to the game and will surely provide hours of entertainment for players.

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