Electric Volkswagen ID.7 Tourer Wagon: Sleek On The Road

All-Electric Wagon: A Rare Find

It is no mystery that Volkswagen is creating a wagon edition of the VW ID.7 sedan. While the German car company remains secretive about every feature, it’s not feasible to keep this forthcoming all-electric model from perceptive eyes anytime it leaves for testing.

In a recent Instagram post from Wilco Blok, the car photographer has noticed what looks to be the Volkswagen ID.7 – more than likely dubbed the ID.7 Tourer – with a wagon structure exhibiting scarcely any covering. The photograph of its back area was enough for us to conjecture that it is part of the ID. 7 range.

In terms of size, the ID. Space Vizzion Concept station wagon is presumed to have the same wheelbase as the ID. 7 mid-sized electric car, which is 116.8 inches in length. However, the body of this practical wagon is likely to be a little longer than its sedan counterpart; the latter being 195.3 inches in length.

The practicality of an all-electric wagon surpasses that of a crossover/SUV. Due to the absence of aerodynamic drag due to the lower height and smaller exterior panels, these vehicles offer the same interior room as a SUV but with an extended EV range. Furthermore, these wagons typically boast significantly lighter wheels, reducing the weight of the car and thus increasing its range.

Volkswagen proudly announced that the ID.7 features an exceptionally low aerodynamic coefficient of 0.23 as well as a ratings-leading range of up to 434 miles in EV mode. This compares favorably with the Tesla Model 3 and Hyundai Ioniq 6, which can go as far as 358 and 379 miles without needing to recharge.

By taking into account the added weight and modulating some of the external details that would come along with a wagon-style body, it is anticipated the forthcoming iteration will drive fewer miles on one charge.

The electric sedan has a 77 kilowatt-hours batterypackage and a larger 86-kWh one. Nonetheless, the car manufacturer confirmed that the more modest battery spec is the sole available option for North America.

A dilemma for Volkswagen is their lack of successful sales for wagons in the US, and consequently, few wagon options for the public. Yet if VW gained the ability to attract buyers to select a wagon over an SUV/Crossover by providing compelling incentives, the ID. 7 model could initiate the development of other similar vehicles.

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