Electric Volvo S90 Challenges BMW i5

May 2024 Production Release Date

Volvo has been hard at work transitioning to electrification, with the EX30 leading the charge. All eyes are on the zero emissions vehicles, however, according to Teknikens Varld, Volvo has already made a mystery electric sedan to replace the S90 – codenamed the V551 project. A leaked photo from the factory shows Volvo staff celebrating this achievement.

As per the account, the S90 substitution may be known as the ES90. Nevertheless, this could potentially pose a problem for Lexus due to them exploiting the ES prefix, so we could reasonably anticipate a different name when the formal model is revealed.

The ES90 has already exited the fabrication line in China as a pre-production model, implying it shall be utilized for advancement and assessing. It is reported to be the brand’s original global design spearheaded by an engineering team situated in Shanghai, where Volvo’s testing and conception facility is based.

The foundation of the ES90 parallels that of the Volvo EX90 and the Polestar 3, meaning it should be able to take advantage of similar powertrains; namely, a 111 kWh gives it a range of approximately 300 miles. Of course, being a lighter car body, its single charge will inevitably provide an even greater distance travelled.

The Volvo EX90 features an engine arrangement with a twin-motor construction that can generate a maximum of 496 horsepower as well as 671 lb-ft of torsion, enabling the power to be spread among all four wheels.

Dimensions-wise, the ES90 has apparently been measured at 196.5 inches long, 76.6 inches in breadth and 60.9 inches in height, featuring a 122.1 inch wheelbase. As opposed to its predecessor S90, this electric variant may be relatively shorter yet have an increased wheelbase presenting more room inside while taking up less space externally.

It is the opportune time for Volvo to broaden their diversity of electric saloons with BMW and Mercedes-Benz beginning to enter the medium-sized electric marketplace via the i5 and EQE. The production of the upcoming Volvo ES90 is likely to begin come May 2024 in China.

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