Everrati Retro EV: RSR-Inspired Electric Car

Never Fear: No RSR-EV Conversion by Everrati.

Everrati has crafted a remarkable electric restomod, inspired by the legendary Porsche 911 RSR 3.8. As with the 51 exclusive models of the original, this revised version has a handcrafted carbon fiber body which is anything but chopped-up; however, restoring it to its former glory needed an average 964-gen Porsche 911 to be used as the foundation.

This all began with a slim-bodied automobile. Corrections were made which included the elimination of the rear chairs, the installment of a roll cage and lightweight front seats, and likely other amendments to the car’s interior design. A pity, no pictures have been released just yet of what it looks like inside.

This powerful machine is driven by a Gen2 OEM-grade 63kWh battery system, featuring more advanced cooling and more refined programming. The electric motors activate the back axle through a limited-slip differential, while TracTive’s Active Adaptive Suspension ensures optimum stability. According to Everrati, you can go as far as 200 miles of range and reach 0-60 mph in an amazing 3.7 seconds.

“A brand new aero package” features a larger rear spoiler inspired by the RSR, as well as a new lower front splitter. 18-inch HRE wheels, which are replicas of the original RSR items derived from the widebody 911 Turbo of the time, complete the look. This fresh aerodynamic kit promises improved performance and handling.

Additional desirable features are found on the Apple CarPlay and either the AC or DC rapid charging possibility; although, recharge spans have not yet been confirmed with the new battery.

Everrati insists that its restomod captures the spirit of the original car, asserting that “overall weight distribution remains similar to the period car for that true 911 feel.” Understandably, some traditionalists may disagree with this statement, yet Everrati is no novice when it comes to transforming classic cars into electric vehicles. In fact, they’re getting quite good at it.

The business has already converted an array of iconic cars including a Ford GT40, multiple Porsche 911s, vintage Range Rovers and the beloved Mercedes-Benz SL Pagoda – amongst the most sought-after models in existence.

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