Fast & Furious Toy PVC Supra Model

Exquisite Attention to Detail
Fast and furious!!! I made a scale model Toyota Supra mk4

Polyvinyl Chloride, commonly known as PVC or polyvinyl, is easily one of the most widely produced and used synthetic plastic polymers in the world. It’s been found in an abundance of applications, including things like plumbing, electrical cable insulation, flooring, signage, phonograph recordings, and inflatable products. However, what we have here is something truly unique – a Toyota Supra model made out of nothing other than polyvinyl chloride!

A 17 minute-long video recording exhibits the development of a fourth-generation Supra, captured by the YouTubers from Ank Creative. It is not simply a two-dimensional design on a PVC board but instead, a highly accurate three-dimensional model demonstrating all external sheets simulating the real vehicle.

Getting underway begins with the cutting of the basic geometry of a Japanese sport coupe. Afterwards, it is all about the precision and refinement of all the surfaces. What appears to be the most demanding phase is next: making and fitting the trim details, such as headlights, grilles, and exterior trimmings. With this finished, we shift our attention into the finely appointed interior outfitted with a dashboard, hub console, and seating.

Once the construction is finished and put together, the Supra Mk4 obtains a Furious-style orange shade with dark green and black details. The final model is a small car that rolls and has opening doors. Amazingly, such a detailed effort wasn’t developed from a computer design nor printed using a 3D printer.

At, we’re devotees of all sorts of car-related playthings, in particular those fabricated by adroit fans. We report on various forms fashioned from timber –several truly fantastic model constructions have crossed our paths. Still, this one based off PVC is even more spectacular to us somehow.

Source: Ank Creative on YouTube

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