Feel Like a F1 Pro in Ferrari’s Pit Crew Leather Jumpsuit

Foolishly Spending $6,300?

For anyone wishing to emulate the sense of being an authoritative Formula 1 pit team member, the new Ferrari jumpsuit could be just the ticket. Graced with up-to-date styling, it has been explicitly based on motorsports individual protective apparel.

The prime material utilized for this long-sleeved, navy blue-hued jumpsuit is completely lambskin, granting it both toughness and an opulent sensation. Further unique fabrics seen on the garment are metallic accents embellished with ruthenium metal finish, grosgrain ribbons, and a cupro jacquard elastic lining, plus more.

Notably, the lambskin, used as a material in this endeavor, is obtained through sustainable methods as Ferrari works towards a greener path with the release of its initial electric vehicle by 2025. This represents an eco-friendly solution regarding the lining and zipper pull tape as well.

Similar to a standard racecar or mechanic’s jumpsuit, it additionally features welted pockets with snap closures to safely store your valuable 10mm wrench. Additional comfort is provided by its stretchy waistband which can fit multiple body shapes and sizes. Available in four sizes, from petite to extra-large.

As opposed to a traditional suit for motorsports or a mechanic’s jumpsuit, this offering displays several fashionable design elements that are slightly less than practical when your hands are occupied within the engine compartment. Primarily, the excessive dimensions of the lapels, probably intended to draw attention. Additionally, there is an exposed zipper which could cause unpleasant damage to whatever vehicle you might be working on like an SF90 Spider.

Finally, there is the matter that the suit, being priced sky-high coming in at $6,300, is more costly than those from OMP Racing, Sparco, Alpinestars etc. that are fireproof and high-quality. Though, customers can take advantage of the free shipping provided by Ferrari Stores until the end of October next year.

Have you ever wondered what the purpose of this suit is? We can’t help but think it’s one of the most far-fetched connections between motorsport and car brand fashion out there. We’d much rather be seen in an actual racing suit. It is also strange that Ferrari has labeled it as a “biker-style” jumpsuit. Formula 1 and bikes are two completely different worlds, and Ferrari has no involvement in the latter, unlike Lamborghini.

The well known saying expresses that someone who is not careful with money may soon spend it all recklessly. It implies that a wise individual considers the consequences of their actions before parting with their hard-earned cash. In today’s world, where there are literally thousands of products and services out there for consumption, it is easy to be tempted to make impulsive purchases. However, if one were to heed this age-old axiom by putting some thought into every purchase, they can save themselves from financial hardship in the future.

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