Ferrari: Know When To Drift

Seat Improves Driving Skills.

The fateful Niki Lauda was known to quip that the Lord had blessed him with a reasonable mind and an exceptional posterior which gave him an uncanny knack of sensing a vehicle’s behaviour out on the track, and now Ferrari are taking steps to offer this talent to all of their drivers. CarBuzz recently unearthed a patent logged with the US Patent and Trademark Office pertaining to a special seat design that aids in prediction of understeer and oversteer events.

“It’s a reasonably basic system based on highly advanced technology,” says the creator of the new driver-warning system. This system is equipped with signaling devices (known as “shakers” or “exciters”) in the driver’s seat that can generate mechanical vibrations of variable frequency and intensity. When the system is activated, the driver will feel a vibration in their buttocks, and the intensity of the trembling will increase as they approach the limit.

Ferrari acknowledges that the feeling of touch is an indispensable part of driving. The skin has a vast network of sensory organs which can detect any alteration in pressure or tactile sensation. This is what Niki Lauda was referring to when he ruminated on his admired tush. Regretfully, the majority of us were born with average glutes, so Ferrari must create the sensation in order to boost your driving expertise.

The pulsators can be configured to vibrate on the left when an oversteer or understeer condition is detected from that direction; the same thing applies to the other side. Ferrari suggests that drivers should have the flexibility to reduce this feature or disable it entirely when they become familiar with the automobile. This should help the average Ferrari owner, who is likely in possession of numerous supercars and hypercars, to adjust to the car of the present conveniently.

Arguably, Ferrari boast the most premier driver aid technologies globally. Opting for a recent Ferrari will give you a superhero feeling – so long as you engage its mission-critical settings. Critics may call this artificial pleasure, however those offering such opinion have never piloted a modern Ferrari like the 296 GTB. The conclusion stays the same, no matter if you toggle off all the guardian angel functions and skid the car yourself or activate Side Slip Control to enable the auto to stay stabilized. You’ll grin so hard, you’ll risk your jaw dropping out of place!

This year, CarBuzz discovered a filing for an advanced system that could provide instructions on achieving faster lap times. Possible alerts to help hone driving ability may be deployed through a vibrating seat or wheel.

Let’s face it; most operators are not prepared to handle the sheer force of hundreds of horsepower and rear-wheel drive. Consequently, if one of these magnificent cars is embarked on for the initial time and the electronic safety systems are immediately disabled then that individual is setting themselves up for a catastrophic incident.

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