Ferrari Reveals New Model Tomorrow

What Mystery Lies Ahead?

Just a few days ago, Ferrari made an exciting announcement: they would be unveiling a brand new model on March 16th. Now, the Italian auto giant has released a teaser video on social media, giving us a glimpse of what’s to come. The 10-second clip shows the iconic Prancing Horse logo on a silver hood, with a red and white flag flapping in the breeze above it. “Are you ready for more?” Ferrari asks in the post – and we can say with certainty that the answer is a definite “yes!”

So, precisely what might this mysterious model turn out to be? We hypothesized it could potentially be a convertible version of the Roma coupe, a ‘Versione Speciale’ of the SF90, an all-new entity distinct yet ultra-limited Icona, or even a replacement of the 812. Our surmised idea is perhaps the Roma Spider; still, that too isassuming.

In the event this proves to be the situation, it would quite possibly be the successor to the Portofino M. In the beginning of this year, Ferrari revealed to its stockholders that four new cars were in line for a 2023 launch. For quite some time now, we have been aware of Ferrari fashioning an upgrade to the ageing V12-powered 812. Lately, moreover, SF90 Versione Speciale models have been spotted running trials on the Fiorano test track by Ferrari.

The Icona scope of models, as one might recall, encompasses the SP1 and SP2 Monzas, along with the Daytona SP3. The potential for a fourth installment is not something that ought to be disregarded for tomorrow. However, it is likely that no LaFerrari successor shall be announced at this juncture.

Sources report that the unveiling of the forthcoming vehicle isn’t predicted until sometime next year. 2024 also marks Ferrari’s 85th anniversary of establishment. A few days prior, a teaser was demonstrated exhibiting the steering wheel and the left paddle shifter; however, both elements did not provide much detail.

The positive news is all our queries will be dealt with tomorrow at 3pm EST or, for those in Europe, 8 pm Central European Time. In the meanwhile, let your creativity take off!

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