Ferrari Unveils New Model Tomorrow

What Lies Ahead? A Final Reveal.

The remarkable Ferrari Roma Spider has recently been revealed, and you may find out more by checking this article out.

Less than a week ago, Ferrari announced that they would be unveiling a secret model on March 16th, and they have now released a 10-second teaser video on social media. The clip doesn’t reveal much, only the iconic Prancing Horse logo on a silver hood with a red and white flag flapping in the breeze. “Are you ready for more?” Ferrari inquires in the post, and we can certainly say the response is a loud and clear “yes!”

We’ve been frantically attempting to speculate the secret model. It could be a ragtop variation of the already-existing Roma coupe, perhaps a ‘Versione Speciale’ of the SF90, or it could even be a rare Icona series car, or conceivably an 812 substitute. Our most solid wager is that it may well be a Roma Spider, but yet again, this is all merely supposition on our part.

It appears that, if the speculation is accurate, we may be seeing a successor to the Portofino M in the near future. This notion was corroborated earlier in the year when Ferrari declared that they have four new models set to launch by 2023. We have had knowledge for a while that the Italian automotive giant has been developing an upgrade for the obsolescent 812 that operates on the V12 engine. Recently, SF90 Versione Speciale automobiles were seen being trialled around Ferrari’s Fiorano testing facility.

The Icona family shall be remembered; encompassing the Monza SP1 and SP2, as well as the Daytona SP3. While anything could lie ahead, guessing a fourth iteration appearing is a plausible possibility. But it’s unlikely that a successor to the LaFerrari will be revealed tomorrow.

Sources assert that the introduction of a new model by Ferrari may not happen until sometime next year. 2024 will also mark the 85th anniversay of the founding of Ferrari. The sneak peek provided in recent days only featured the wheel of the fresh vehicle and the left paddle shifter; nevertheless, neither detail gave any conclusive evidence.

Nevertheless, all our inquiries will be addressed tomorrow at 3 pm EST or 8 pm Central European Time, if one can’t make it on the American coast. Fuel your imaginations till then!

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