Ferrari SF90 LM Spiders & Coupes: Leaked!

A Tribute to Ferrari’s Le Mans Win

Ferrari has officially given us a glimpse of the SF90 LM, with its unveiling set to take place tomorrow on June 29. See our teaser below for a sneak peek.

Leaks of the Ferrari SF90 LM, or Version Speciale, have emerged again, and this time they show off the model as a Spider. The photographs reveal more details than ever before and likely originate from an elite previewing occasion at the invitation of Ferrari and its selective clients. The images were posted to Instagram by Varryx and are deemed to be snapped by one of the special attendees.

This fresh release should not be confused with LaFerrari’s prospective replacement, Ferrari’s next prime model. In contrast, the SF90 LM (Le Mans abbreviation) will be an amped-up adaptation of the SF90, a madly quick grand touring supercar to be precise (if by any chance a centrally-mounted 1,000 horsepower vehicle would actually fall into the category of GT).

Rumors seem to suggest that Ferrari may up their power output to more than 1,000 horses and rework the gearbox to allow for more ardent shifts. Notwithstanding, speculating about energy production is superfluous at this juncture when there are other topics to consider.

A post was recently shared on social media by @varryx_. It elicited a strong response, eliciting much interest and curiosity from online viewers. Many people marvelled at the striking visuals presented before them in the post, finding themselves engrossed in its captivating beauty. It is clear this content stirred up quite a bit of excitement amongst fans.

Observing the autos next to each other, the SF90 LM’s aerodynamic modifications become more discernable. Just below the headlights are fresh air intakes which very likely pass air straight to the brakes. Sitting on the hood are two vents that seem strategically placed to divert air to the back of the car, where there is a huge, unadjustable rear spoiler.

Dissimilar from the back mounted wing on a Porsche 911 GT3 RS, this one does not seem to be operational. Though we could be wrong for that wing alone can produce tremendous braking power when deployed and utilising wind resistance. On the subject of the rear, we can spot new vents on the wheel arches which are probably employed for venting out warm air.

The back diffuser is striking and looks to stretch the entire vehicle width instead of consisting of two pieces. The two exhaust pipes are far more noticeable, and Ferrari replaced most of the painted surfaces with what looks like exposed carbon fiber. Additionally, there is a LED light bar rather than the usual tail lights.

Ferrari had intended to unveil a special edition of the SF90 at Le Mans earlier in June. However, following the gaining of top ranking by the Prancing Horses, it appears they have altered their plans. Subsequently, the triumphant return of the Italian marque to the racecourse after 50 years abscence was the driving force for pushing back the launch. To commemorate their victory at Le Mans, select customers were given access to a limited edition Le Mans livery.

The SF90 LM is certainly formidable, yet the question remains as to how close mortals may come to experiencing the 499P. It’s likely that this could be as near as anyone will get, prompting us to ponder what it might be like.

The LaFerrari heir needs to be even more impressive, so what kind of lunacy might it offer? How outrageous could it potentially be?

Anticipation is mounting for the impending announcement in the coming days, so those who admire the SF90 will want to stay alert.

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