Ferrari SP-8: Maranello’s Roofless One-Off

Following in Daytona SP3’s Footsteps

Ferrari’s Special Projects division has uncovered their newest bespoke model — the SP-8. Boasting an unparalleled design, this vehicle is a roofless marvel that is based on the old F8 Spyder but appears nothing like it. The car was made in honour of a Taiwanesse buyer whose application was granted. The title “SP-8” was specially selected as 8 holds massive fortune in Chinese customs. However, this wasn’t the only wish they had; the other additions are left for one to discover.

The commissioning purchaser desired no covering whatsoever, thus transforming this into an impressive roadster, which therefore necessitated a comprehensive CFD analysis and aerodynamic simulations.

Meet the new Ferrari One-Off: the Ferrari SP-8

Although we question if this will ever take shape over and above a normal demonstration, Ferrari has reported that the vehicle was explored at the track too to guarantee that the airstream sound wasn’t overly loud even when pushed to its limits. Whereas the concentration of this car concerns its appearance therefore, let’s expound on that topic.

The sinister hues featured on the exterior of this car are constructed using carbon fiber (lacquered with an iridescent Blue Sandstone finish) that completely encases the vehicle, producing a sensational two-tone appearance when combined with the flat Argento Micalizzato paintwork. It is said that Blu Scuro Stellato pigment serves to connect the two body sections, although it cannot be seen from here.

Without the need to make space for a retractable hardtop, the entire back end was reworked with tail lights from the Roma which were given unique lenses. The open-air lid really makes a statement, but when you look higher up, the true magnificence of the design is noticeable.

The side air intakes have been redesigned and remodeled, now sporting a sleek matte black hue with individual ducts for both the intakes and the intercoolers. An additional vent has also been subtly added in order to help expel hot air from the engine compartment. Furthermore, we believe the stunning matte Grigio NART wheels (taking inspiration from those of the renowned F40) may have something to do with heat extraction from the brakes as well. We anticipate these beautiful rims aid in directing airflow over the side of the supercar as well – a characteristic expected from Ferrari vehicles.

At the front, a full-width cast aluminum grille crafted from a single 3D-printed mold follows the same straked theme of the rear, with the angling of the grille elements precisely calibrated to guarantee no disruption to aerodynamic efficiency. The headlights have also been redesigned with “special masks and lenses,” while the windscreen and exhaust tips are exclusive to this vehicle.

Inside, the center console features a modified shift gate, but Ferrari has yet to provide any close-ups of the modifications. The laser-etched seats are finished in a Navy Blue Alcantara with a gradient effect cloth, and the carpets boast a specific twill fabric “with an iridescent effect.” Yellow contrast accents are also visible. It would have been nice to see some better images, Ferrari.

There will likely be no official declaration of the price tag for the one-off that was constructed for a specific exclusive customer, yet you can estimate it must have been in the hundreds of thousands. The pertinent inquiry is, what now? Ferrari declared that they would introduce four new cars this year.

We have already got the opportunity of laying eyes on the SF90 XX pair, the Spider Roma and the exclusive KC23. Is this the fourth and ultimate edition or do we have to include standalone constructs in a different collection? We will be required to stay in suspense until further notice.

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