Ferrari Sued for Ignoring Recall Repairs on Faulty Brakes

Automaker accused of inadequate solution in lawsuit.

In the United States, a proprietor of a Ferrari has filed a lawsuit against the manufacturer for inadequately addressing a brake malfunction. The legal complaint asserts that the company only offered a temporary solution for the issue, leaving owners to operate their vehicles in an unsafe manner.

In 2020, Iliya Nechev became the proud owner of a 458 Italia manufactured in 2010. However, his excitement quickly turned into frustration as he encountered brake problems from the very beginning. According to Nechev, one particular incident stands out where he found himself struggling to maneuver a steep turn while driving downhill. To his dismay, pressing down on the brakes had no effect in slowing down the car. Seeking assistance from a Ferrari dealership, Nechev was informed that this was a common occurrence and considered “normal,” as stated in the legal document.

In October of 2021, Ferrari first announced a voluntary recall for several models including the 458 Italia, 458 Speciale, 458 Speciale Aperta, 458 Spider, 488 GTB, and 488 Spider. The issue identified by the company was a potential leakage of brake fluid which could result in reduced or complete loss of braking capability. However, at that time, Ferrari was not aware of the root cause of the malfunction.

The corporation released a subsequent recall in the middle of 2022 due to a deficiency in the brake system, impacting over 23,000 cars from the 2005 model year and beyond. Ferrari had uncovered a potential issue with the ventilation of the fluid reservoir cap on the identified vehicles. This could create a vacuum within the reservoir, resulting in a potential leakage.

Ferrari resolved the problem by introducing a fresh reservoir cap and implementing revised software. The recall had an impact on various models ranging from the 612 Scaglietti to the Roma, but the 458 and 488 lineups were exempted from the previous recall.

Nechev’s legal claim asserts that only a replacement of the master cylinder by Ferrari could have resolved the problem. Moreover, it contends that Ferrari neglected to disclose the full extent of the brake malfunction to its customers.

According to a representative from Ferrari, who was contacted for clarification by Motor1, the following statement was provided:

“Our top priority is the safety and well-being of our clients,” stated the company spokesperson. “In order to uphold this commitment, we strictly adhere to rigorous safety and security protocols to guarantee that our vehicles consistently meet homologation specifications.”

Source: Automotive News

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