Fiat 500 Hot Rod: Custom 1948 Batman Car

A Superhero Tribute Fitting for the Bat.

Beneath the erratic structure you set your vision on is a 1948 Fiat 500 Topolino; topped with an exterior carved to imitate a famed superhero’s car.

The entire vehicle has been completely transformed, leaving just the silhouette of the original Fiat 500. It is no longer recognisable as the same model due to the extension of its chassis and remodelling of its back end that replicates the design of a traditional drag car. An adjustable air ride suspension has additionally been included, providing the power of a large capacity V8 engine.

Despite the fact that we have already noticed several imaginative Fiat constructs, this salute motorcar ushers in a fresh experience with its elongated fiberglass aerofoil, exposed exhaust pipework and has absolutely no connection whatsoever to any prior Fiat 500s.

The prevailing dark and light palette persists on the front grille and rear spoiler, with stripes outlining the side contours. Additionally, LED headlights, current-model alloy wheels, as well as a license plate holder layered at the hindmost of the car signify that it may be suitable for driving on roads in certain regions.

When it comes to the inside, there is just the sole metal bucket seat available, unfortunately. Its custom-made black cabin has no luxurious upholstery; however, there is a breathtaking position behind the wheel complete with racing belts, toggle buttons, a removable steering wheel, along with Stewart Warner Maximum Performance readouts, an EFI display, a sunroof and a must-have backup camera.

Beneath the elegant exterior of the Fiat-inspired amazing car resides a lustrous 502 cubic inch V8 with electronic fuel injection and a dynamic supercharger which will make diehard fans of classic Chevrolet Camaro envious. There is, unfortunately, no exact data for the vehicle in terms of dyno numbers; However, the aforementioned 502 V8 engine produces an incredible 461 horsepower in its HO variant.

Besides, the V8 is included with flashy revamped headers as well as a TH400 three-gear automated transmission. The really good feature is that this car only accumulated 2,600 miles on the odometer. To top it off, a Ford 9-inch rear is outfitted, along with huge tires and four-wheel disc brakes to manage all its augmented potency.

If you are anxious to have this one-of-a-kind creation, now is your chance! It is currently obtainable at Streetside Classics for the sum of $55,995. The restoration project was very thoroughly recorded and all of the receipts are included demonstrating just what has been accomplished to the automobile.

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