Fitting a Suzuki Every in a Sprinter?

Can Sprinter Van Fit Another Van?
Un-FREAKING-believable: I Load My Van Into ANOTHER Van!

The iconic Mercedes-Benz Sprinter receives adulations for its ability to be customized and adapted, turning it into the ideal choice for a motorhome. However, would there be enough space in the van for an extra one? To find out, TFLnow have produced a recent video on YouTube that looks into this query.

In this clip, the Transport for London (TFL) organisation takes an in-depth look at a extraordinary campervan manufactured by Mercedes, called the Adventure Wagon. What makes it so special is that it has a track system built into the walls and the flooring, which allows it to be rearranged in various formats.

The premiere segment of the video takes you on a journey through the many wonderful features of this van. Onboard, the rear seats are able to be adjusted accordingly in order to accommodate various needs. In addition, atop the sleeping platform lies an extremely comfortable mattress and within it a storage area easily accessed via a zip. As a result, thismakes the perfect mode of transport for mini-vacations dedicated to activities like skiing or mountain biking.

In the second segment of the video, the TFL team are removing all the content from the van to see how much time it needs to transform it into a cargo van. This is being done as part of a demonstration on how straightforward it is to adjust the structure of the Adventure Wagon. Supposedly, this was expected to take 15 minutes, however, due to unfamiliarity with the process, it necessitates more time than anticipated.

The final and possibly most fascinating part of the movie: achieving the goal to get a Suzuki Every van inside a Sprinter. This Japanese minivan, imported directly from Japan, is loaded onto heavy-duty ramps made for this task. Problems arise while attempting to drive the Suzuki into the Sprinter; a bumper on the little van is too close to the bottom of the tall ramps and when almost in, the roof of the larger van gets caught in the top of the smaller one.

In the end, they nearly achieved success in cramming the Suzuki into the Sprinter – even if a bit of it was still left exposed. Mission not accomplished? Not according to us!

Source: TFLnow via YouTube

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