Ford Bronco Raptor Price: Up $15K in 1 Year

Price for Base Bronco: $83,580

An additional price rise has been given to the remarkable Ford Bronco Raptor, with the effective off-road car now commanding a hefty amount of $83,580 before any extra add-ons or delivery fees have been calculated.

The final manifestation of the Bronco is no longer cheaper than its Jeep equivalent, the Wrangler Rubicon 392, which bears a higher cost that is justified by the 6.4-liter V8 engine delivering 470 horsepower and 470 lb-ft of torque. The Bronco Raptor was made public over a year ago with an appeasing introductory price of $68,500; nevertheless, if you had chosen all the bells and whistles when it first appeared for sale, you would have paid about $80,000. Presently, even if you opted for the pared-down version, the cost is still slightly above that.

Just a few weeks back, the Blue Oval raised its Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price by two-thousand dollars. While changes in cost are commonplace in the automotive market, it is quite strange how the Raptor has seen an astonishing fifteenk increase in price over the past year.

It is evident that the Bronco Raptor is no longer the cut-rate deal it was. Besides, even the Bronco Heritage model has become more expensive than before; a year ago, its MSRP started at $44,305 but presently this starts at an amount of $46,605 prior to factoring in optional items and delivery fees.

No matter what trim level they want, Bronco customers may have to let go of their desired specs due to supply chain issues. According to the 2023 Bronco configurator, the entry-level “Base” model and the seven-speed manual transmission option are in limited supply. Production has been put on pause, so the only vehicles you’ll find are likely those already in dealership stock.

Even though the Ford Bronco has been around for a while, it has still turned out to be one of the most desirable sport utility vehicles in the industry. This has presentedFord Motor Company with certain difficulties.

The Bronco Raptor isn’t the only desirable Ford that is enduring escalating prices. The most economical model of the all-electric F-150 Lightning Pro is now priced at $59,974, a second surge for this particular year and one of multiple hikes since its battery-powered truck debuted.

It’s startling to consider that the starting cost of the F-150 Lightning was once $39,974, which means the same truck is now $20,000 more expensive. When the price hike was announced, a Ford representative commented that the increase was due to escalating manufacturing costs. “It’s common for pricing to be adjusted due to rising material costs, market influences, and continued supply chain obstacles,” they said.

Unfortunately, it is anticipated that this movement will continue to persist for some time, and it would not be astonishing if Ford’s most sought-after items experienced even more jumps in price this year.


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