Ford’s Bumper: Trucks & SUVs Problem Solved.

Ford’s Pedestrian Safety Response to IIHS Study

Ford is developing a creative, fresh inflatable bumper for their pickups and SUVs for the purpose of enhancing pedestrian safety – and what’s more, this breakthrough has come right on time. The IIHS conducted a study signaling exactly what we had known already: trucks and SUVs with bulky facades are far more dangerous to pedestrians than other kinds of cars. IIHS asks that these cavernous fronts should be changed, however they often provide a practical goal like increasing the slope of the F-150 Raptor off-roader.

The answer to the issue at hand may be found in a United States Patent and Trademark Office document unearthed by CarBuzz. The intention of this patent is to enhance the safety of pedestrians without necessitating changes to the project of these vehicular entities, although parsing such an invention would introduce more challenging features as well as additional economic costs.

The patent outlines how the front side of a four-sided animal such as a Bronco could include one inflatable bumper that appears from atop the traditional bumper and another from underneath. This would act much like a regular airbag, in which an impact sensor will detect the crash and immediately blow up the membranes with a pyrotechnic or stored gas inflator.

“These two inflatable bumpers are not intended to cushion a pedestrian, but rather to work together in order to ‘reduce the relative movement between the femur and the tibia’, providing knee support to help avoid a leg fracture. The lower inflatable would also be beneficial in preventing a pedestrian from slipping underneath the moving vehicle.”

Ford has been seen to put forward different concepts lately; only two months ago CarBuzz identified a patent for a morphing guard spine that is hoping to aid in diminishing pedestrian offence without impeding off-road skill. Both of these designs will doubtless have an intricate structure and cost added to the motor car, similarly to the security airbag systems previously found inside cars.

An apparent answer would be to refine the primary structure and contour of the pickup/SUV. Yet, nowadays purchasers incessantly want their new vehicle to be mightier than the past one, compelling an insurmountable challenge to avoid larger wall-faced front ends.

This pervading fixation on bigger size and larger room is having a noteworthy effect on both drivers and pedestrians, but without legislative adaptation, cars of all sizes will keep on increasing, inferring Ford must find an innovative way to stay abreast with its opponents while still fulfilling its dedication to safety. Got a better proposition? We would be delighted to hear it!

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