French Luxury Cars: Redesigning Interiors

M.i. 21 Interior: DS Automobiles’ Futuristic Luxury Vision

French brand DS Automobiles has always gone against the grain, a point that is further emphasized by the brand’s new M.i. 21 interior concept. This design is actually referred to as a manifesto by the automaker, as it takes into consideration “certain regulatory, industrial, and economic demands in order to guarantee faster production.” This implies that the features we see here could very likely be included in upcoming DS models.

One of the primary motifs of the interior is more room. The recessed dashboard creates extra space due to its set-back configuration, and due to the deletion of a central console or center tunnel, an atmosphere of openness is emitted within the cabin. DS has incorporated glass surfaces which instill a sense of serenity and vastness.

Contrary to the norm of wood veneer, leather furnishing, and profuse plating of chrome noticed in modern-day luxury motor vehicles, the M.i. 21 buckles down and shows delightful textiles and components highlighted by granite edging to build an indeed remarkable atmosphere.

Light is an integral part of creating a pleasant atmosphere. The intricate circles in the door are lit up to give the cabin an opulent radiance. DS Automobiles believes that lighting brings “a new dimension to materials” and can be used to improve the in-car experience.

The audio capabilities of automobiles have long been a focus of automakers, and DS now seeks to stand out from the rest. Not giving all of the specifics away yet, they proposed an idea that comes down to one singular, centrally placed component which is both visually pleasing and practical.

“The union of all audio elements has been coalesced into one focal point, creating a symbol of modernity through its design, placement within the vehicle, and the illumination that surrounds it,” the company declared in a statement.

The CEO of DS Design, Thierry Metroz, has vocally rejected the concept of touchscreens and it appears that most of the staff at DS Design echo this sentiment.

Despite the M.i. 21 manifest seeming to have a big touch display, DS is experimenting with a new speech-enabled answer that projects details onto a thin line. This strip can be rendered see-through when not in service, granting anybody onboard the opportunity to appreciate the fine design and materials. The only everlasting screens on the cabin are for the rear-view cameras.

Without the requirement of speakers built into the doors, like what the new Volvo EX30 has implemented, DS has freed up considerable storage space. This exclusive cabin was created with the goal of amplifying DS’ personalized aspirations. The space can be filled with actual artwork (similar to that of the Rolls-Royce gallery), fabricating a one-of-a-kind and elite interior.

M.i. 21 is being displayed at the moment in Paris, as part of the Revelations exhibit occurring at the Grand Palais Ephemere.

“We are currently undergoing a revolutionary shift in car interiors,” stated Metroz. “The introduction of electric platforms, autonomous driving, AI, and, most crucially, the needs of our clients for a different experience are all integral to our plans. The M.i. 21 manifesto captures these sweeping changes, presenting us with an opportunity to express a distinct French perspective on travelling.” He concluded.

It is indeed a pity that DS cars are not obtainable in the United States. However, considering the fact that they belong to the Stellantis group, there is a glimmer of hope that some of their features may be incorporated into U.S.-specific models like the upcoming Chrysler 300 and various Dodge editions. Fingers crossed that happens, as DS’ approach to luxurious interiors (presented in a manifesto) is exactly what our current, technology-obsessed, piano black-infested cabins need – a refreshing break.

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