Genesis Unveiling Virtual Hypercar in 7 Days

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Genesis Vision Gran Turismo: Teaser

The enthralling programme launched by both PlayStation and car manufacturers, Vision Gran Turismo, has been a source of enthusiasm for techno-lover vehicular-aficionados. This groundbreaking initiative gives firms the opportunity all be displaying their genius with constructing (largely played out in the virtual world) ultra cars especially created for the Gran Turismo gaming series. One of the more recent arrivals to this renowned collection is the Genesis Vision Grand Turismo; as uncovered by a newly released teaser video, its unveiling is slated for December 2nd.

A tantalizing teaser video offers brief yet telling glimpses of a virtualhypercar smoothly traversing across an otherwise abandoned track. Unfortunately, not much detail can be made out as it quickly flashes through the screen. As a side note, it’s important to note that what viewers glimpse isn’t actual gaming footage.

Genesis, the prestigious automobile arm of Hyundai Motor Group, has a legacy of divulging novel concept cars that bring together avant-garde designing and innovative technology. Such is the instance with Essentia, mainly revealed in 2018 and highlighted by a quirky carbon fiber frame. This prototype provoked exclamations due to its aerodynamic contours and flabbergasting scissor doors.

Building on the lega

Revisiting the Vision Gran Turismo initiative, multiple labels have given their take on what the perfect hypercar should be in this digital automotive exhibition. Just over one year ago, Ferrari provided its own interpretation through its entry to the game and even went so far as to reveal a life-sized model at its Maranello museum.

Source: Gran Turismo on YouTube

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