Gunther Werks Firmly Stands Against Automatic Transmissions in Their Vehicles

Pushing Boundaries: Straying from Tradition with Automatic Rev Matching

During our time at ModaMiami, a recent event held in Florida, CarBuzz was granted the rare opportunity to test drive the Gunther Werks Speedster, a custom-crafted Porsche 911 993 that has undergone a complete transformation. Imagine it as the open-air version of the iconic 911 GT3, created with the intention of preserving the spirit of the beloved 993 model. While a comprehensive review will be published shortly, our experience driving the Speedster through Coral Gables provided us with fascinating insights into Gunther Werks and its values, as explained by founder and CEO, Peter Nam.

The Speedster utilizes a 4.0-liter horizontally opposed six-cylinder engine from Rothsport Racing, a renowned company based in Oregon. This impressive power plant boasts a twin-map Motec Engine management system, coil-over-plug ignition, individual throttle bodies, and a billet crankshaft, along with upgraded rods and barrels. Revving up to 7,800 rpm, it unleashes over 430 horsepower, all controlled by a manual transmission with an H-pattern gear shift.

According to Javier Roque, the head of marketing for Gunther Werks Miami, “Gunther Werks will always stay true to its roots and never produce a car with an automatic transmission.” He firmly believes that if a car does not offer the option of automatic downshift, it should not rely on driver aids. Furthermore, he emphasizes that the essence of the driving experience should never be compromised.

Power is transmitted from the splendid flat-six engine through a Getrag G50 six-speed manual gearbox, featuring unique gear ratios, a medium-weight flywheel, and an improved single-plate clutch. For a heightened driving experience, a custom-made aluminum shifter provides a strong connection to the vehicle’s movements with long shifts that demand a steady grip for shifting gears.

Mastering the art of manipulating the top-hinged clutch pedal requires a fair amount of training, but that is precisely what Nam hopes to achieve: the sheer joy derived from flawlessly executing an upward gear shift with a wild flat-six engine roaring in the background. The Speedster proudly lacks any electronic assists for traction and instead relies solely on the colossal grip provided by its exceptionally wide 335 mm rear tires.

Gunther Werks undoubtedly places great importance on providing a truly authentic driving experience. However, this intense dedication can be set aside for practical demands. This is evidenced by the forthcoming turbocharged model that is expected to generate an impressive 750+ horsepower, making it necessary to incorporate a traction control system. Along with this, we inquired about the feasibility of integrating a shift light into the tachometer, which would aid the driver in knowing precisely when to upshift.

According to Roque, a representative of Gunther Werks, the company’s top priority is satisfying their esteemed clients. “If you are a privileged client of Gunther Werks, you can have anything that you want… in their realm,” Roque stated. The company prides itself on catering to the specific desires of their clients within their domain.However, it’s not just about fulfilling their clients’ wishes. Roque emphasized that Gunther Werks values building relationships with their customers who share a passion for driving and owning their cars long-term. “Ultimately, we care about having good clients who want to drive the cars and own them for a long time,” Roque explained. This shows that the company is not solely focused on making sales, but also on creating a loyal customer base.

Without giving away too much, it is safe to say that the Gunther Werks Speedster truly lives up to all the buzz.

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