Hear the Ferrari 812 Superfast Zoom to 206 MPH on the Autobahn

Novitec Exhaust Enhances V12 Superfast Performance

Viewing a Ferrari 812 Superfast clocking 206 miles per hour is not that unexpected — it even has speed installed in the title, after all. Its V12 engine producing an extraordinary melody from the showroom floor isn’t too shocking either. This clip from AutoTopNL brings together the 812’s exceptional velocity with an elevated exhaust system from Novitec, and the payoff is an adrenaline-inducing tune that we can’t help but crave to hear.

The AutoTopNL channel brought this Ferrari that had been outfitted especially to take on the Autobahn, a compilation of German highways where speed isn’t restricted. Here we witness the car’s noteworthy straight-line characteristics. Nonetheless, as remarkable as the speed is, what actually caught our attention was the loud reverberation from the additional exhaust pipes.

The 6.5-liter V12 tucked away beneath the extended hood of the Superfast can spin up to 9000 RPMs. That the engine maximizes its output capacity at 8500 revolutions per minute makes no difference to the driver, who always urges the motor up to its maximum velocity within each gear. The Novitec system adds to the flair, permitting the gleaming engine to perform its melody without a care in the world.

Ferrari officially claims that the 812 Superfast can reach a peak speed of 211 mph. As AutoTopNL wasn’t quite able to match that, we still applaud their success for getting seriously close on an open road, while making sure to stay within the legal framework.

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