Honda Civic Steering Troubles: CR-V, Integra Looked Into

Feds Examine More Models for Civic Issue

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) has broadened their investigation into the “sticky steering” issue reported by Honda Civic owners, following numerous complaints and legal action.

An inquiry has been expanded to encompass the Honda CR-V and Acura Integra for 2023, consequently increasing the anticipated total of vehicles suspected to be impacted to 532,535. This figure also contains the more than 238,000 Civics from 2022 and 2023 that were detailed in March last year.

The agency reports that the steering wheel can become fixed and result in a sudden rise in the required effort to turn it. Some owners have had to adjust the steering so strongly that their compact car was directed in the desired direction. Also, it has been reported that beneath 10 mph, a loud clunking and rattling is heard.

Unfortunately, the agency documented more than 1,300 incidents concerning the “sticky steering” problem – 14 of which led to a crash. The 11 crashes supposedly happened due to drivers unable to battle the momentary rise in steering effort, while two other crash reports allege over-correction of the wheel.

Honda has been working alongside the NHTSA during the review to show its goal of safety. The auto manufacturer said that the matter can be tracked to its production. Poor in-house tempering for the worm wheel, and also the wear and tear of the subordinate piece could contribute to the disruption of the teeth over time. Over lubrication was additionally pointed out as another issue by Honda.

As an element of the fix, Honda has instructed that dealerships exchange the electronic power steering (EPS) gearbox with a new one. The firm declared that all components returned under warranty possess a maximum steering attempt of 2.4 pounds.

It is anticipated that Honda will resolve the problem promptly, given their notoriety for prioritizing the protection of their vehicles. Despite the escalated inquiry, it still has not been determined if the manufacturer should implement a recall. Considering the abundance of circumstances linked to this dilemma, the car producer ought to act quickly.

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