Hot Wheels: Dodge Power Wagon with Swivel Frame

$30 Red Line Club Car Fee for Members

Hot Wheels has unveiled their new Red Line Club (RLC) holiday car–the 1952 Dodge Power Wagon–which is currently obtainable on a limited-edition basis, while availability persists. This Dodge is the current inclusion in the range of exclusive cars available solely to members of Hot Wheels’ RLC.

This 1:64 scale miniature is remarkable due to its extensive manoeuvrability, granted by the rotating framework that allows the front and back sections to move independently, a modification that was much admired on the actual Power Wagon. The power and durability of this off-road icon is also represented in the model with knobby tyres, smoked vehicle windows, and a bumper-mounted winch that takes its name from the Ram make yoke to this day.

Hot Wheels dazzled with a vintage truck in the famous, illustrious Spectraflame British racing green. To this, gold fenders, running boards and headlight housings were added for stylish effect. Giving a pleasant finishing touch are the moderately-sized 10-spoke alloys, complete with unique beadlock details. The tailgate grows even more luxuriant with the same gorgeous hue, along with golden “High Country Tree Service” artwork on the doors. Raising the bar higher is a brilliant matte black painted framework providing support for the entire beast.

For those already part of Hot Wheels’ Red Line Club, the Dodge is available for a price of $30.00. Joining the RLC involves a yearly digital subscription, allowing members to pick their own exclusive version of sELECTIONs cars. The selection includes an array of limited-edition vehicles, reflective of its hue and wheel variety, in which users vote on before they can purchase them. Some prime examples include the 1972 Datsun 240Z, the 1964 Jaguar E-Type, and the 1986 Porsche 959.

Hot Wheels offers an exclusive membership to those eager auto enthusiasts, granting access to not only an abundance of insider information and unique experiences, like getting a peek behind-the-scenes or the chance to directly interact with the Hot Wheels creators, but also a 1952 Dodge vehicle in an acrylic capsule and its dainty outer box for displaying purposes. Membership entails an annual fee of only $9.99, which you automatically get when purchasing the car.

Source: Hot Wheels via Mopar Insiders

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