Hyundai Ioniq: A Disney Centennial Celebration

1,000 Electric Crossover Assembled

To commemorate Disney’s momentous centenary, Hyundai is unveiling a fresh exclusive edition of its Ioniq 5. Following its concept introduction at the 2023 New York Auto Show, the eye-catching Disney100 Platinum Edition was presented live on Dancing with the Stars.

The electric hatchback is the effect of the collaboration between the South Korean automaker and Walt Disney. It comes with some exclusive elements such as a Gravity Gold matte finish, wheels that get their design inspirations from Disney, Disney100 external branding and seat emblems, Disney-influenced front and back door trim stripes, and a Disney-motivated welcome display upon igniting the car.

When comparing the production model with the Disney100 Platinum Concept from earlier this year, one major absence stands out. While the concept had lamp screens that created sparkle animations across the headlights and taillights, this feature is absent in the production version. Additionally, the concept included “pixie dust” etched into the moonroof and featured synchronized interior lights that delivered a special light show with multiple colors – all of which are not present on the production model.

The exclusive car is due to be available for purchase in the beginning of 2024, with Hyundai manufacturing only 1,000 instances of it. Their extensive 360-degree integrated marketing plan involves advertisement, experiential occasions, fresh material and merchandise, all crafted to honour Disney’s centenary celebration. Disney100 draws a 365-day commemoration that will bring joy to Disney fans both young and old, allowing them to share their cherished Disney memories or form new delightful experiences, say the two giants.

Disney and Hyundai’s teaming up on the Ioniq 5 Disney100 Platinum Edition underscores the close and creative relationship between the two organizations, according to Andrew Messina who is SVP of Sales for Disney. To observe The Walt Disney Corporation’s 100th anniversary, we continue to demonstrate our capability as a leader in live content and how other brands can join in celebrating with us.

In conclusion, Hyundai are investing their resources into giving the Ioniq 5 a revamp. Recent surveillance pictures obtained in August evidenced minor design tweaks to the exterior. Whether such modifications will be coupled with internal upscales is still unknown; however, the likelihood that the current spread of energy cell possibilities will remain constant is great. Going back to July, Hyundai made public an additional version of the Ioniq 5 N, one that has a sporty element to it.

Source: Hyundai

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