Design Your Dream Supercar with Lamborghini Revuelto

Car Launching in US Soon

Lamborghini has just introduced its successor of the Aventador, christened the Revuelto. This exciting new car is expected to be introduced to the US market towards the closing of this year. Customers now have the opportunity to configure their dream car, and below we have outlined some of the available options.

The Revuelto comes in an array of outer hues split into seven categories. These are identifiable by the selections of Base, Sportiva, Contemporanea, Eclettica, Classica, Tecnica and Ad Personam colours. Several of these may feature a matte or glossy exterior. Furthermore, there are seven braking system trims to choose from, coupled with up to three wheel varieties provided in multiple surfaces including two-tone, bronze, silver or black – contingent on the model.

There are two decor editions obtainable. One furnishes the vehicle’s front bumper, chin spoiler, side mirrors, portals handles, rear diffuser, and other particulars with high shine jet-black features. Whereas, the additional package offers a matte black chin spoiler with a hue-matched stripe plus a shaded back diffuser. Furthermore, Lamborghini provides a titanium grid hatch for the motor disguise as well as matte and glossy ebony lettering of the brand logo.

The enterprise gives three different hue trims, namely Contrast Color, Sportiva, and Classica, for the recently launched car. Every set includes a basic tint, distinctive shade, and stitching possibilities. Moreover, one-color leather variations are also obtainable, with the possibility of completing the directing wheel in full Corsa Tex as well.

Lamborghini offers an array of driver assistance technologies to choose from, such as the Surround Assist Package featuring lane-switching help and a front cross-traffic alarm. The Parking Package on the other hand includes both forward and rear parking sensors plus a panoramic view camera.

The most up-to-date Revuelto now showcases a powerful V12 engine, as well as three electrically-powered motors, boosting the car’s efficiency and capability. Working together, these create an undeterred aggregated output of 1,001 horsepower! Racing from 0 to 62 miles per hour can be done in just 2.5 seconds—124 mph comes in around seven seconds or less and 217 mph with plenty of space. In addition, its all-electric mode grants approximately six miles of zero-polluting driving. Build your desired Revuelto today.

Source: Lamborghini

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