Lemon-Lime Porsche 911: Crafting 50 Years of Porsche Legacies

50 Years of DP’s Porsche Love: The Jubilee Results

The car’s transformation was completed with matching 18-inch magnesium Conda Green wheels wrapped in Cup 2 rubber.DP Motorsport is applauding its 50th anniversary with a distinctive build dubbed the DP64 Classic RS Jubilee. Inception completed in Polar Silver, the makeover of this 1992 Porsche 911 (964) concludes with a showy bright yellow 117 livery which includes contrasting conda green 2626 accents. To finish off the novel look, 18-inch ductile conda green wheels ornamented with Cup 2 tires were added.

A visual homage to the iconic Carrera 2.7 RS, the Classic RS Jubilee draws upon elements from over five decades of Porsche models; this eclectic mix can be seen in its prominent ducktail spoiler which was popularized by the original model. Not just restricted to the 964, luxe details like the black boucle carpet set were sourced from the venerated 356.

More than just an aesthetic project, the flat-six powerplant has been improved to generate 310 horsepower and 266 lb-ft of torque,whilst remaining air-cooled. In order to attain the upgraded figures, the displacement was first amplified to 3.8 liters, followed by the inclusion of Schrick camshafts, a BMC sports air filter, and a Cargraphic dual exhaust system. The Bosch Motronic 2.1 electronically controlled sequential fuel injection demonstrates its worth in the mission for strength.

The transmission is a five-speed stick shift, featuring reduced axle separation and a short transition between shifts, modeled after the 964’s Carrera RS.

Around every bend, Fuchs-style cast alloy wheels contain light-alloy four-piston stationary calipers–based on those of the 993 Turbo–gripping onto ventilated metallic discs.

In the suspension department, individual light metal wishbones and KW Clubsport struts are located at the front end, while a stabilizer, Clubsport top mount kit and intervening strut towers contribute support. On the rear side, another stabilizer and wheel spacers accompany separate light metal trailing arms and KW Clubsport struts.

The merger of glass fiber-strengthened plastic (GRP) added with Kevlar and carbon offers reinforced front bumpers and rear side panels, extended by one inch on either flank.

The internal door panels of the RS are ingeniously crafted with Nappa leather and plaid fabrics, plus eye-catching vintage door levers. The center tunnel provides a cup holder, USB recharge station, and an appealing center console design that includes a glossy, black piano lacquer finishing.

The dashboard shields, steering wheel cross-pieces, seat back casings, and Clubsport stabilization bar have been colored in a glossy black shade, and the lollipop-shaped seats are upholstered in Nappa leather and plaid fabric.

The bespoke dashboard features a tachometer fashioned with a checkered design. Moreover, the discreet installation of a top-notch Dr. Boom hi-fi system with Bluetooth receiver enables smartphone control. The headliner, dashboard, door jams, shelf in the back, and edges of the steering wheel are all swathed in Alcantara.

The DP64 Classic RS Jubilee stands foremost amongst classic Porsche 911 remodelers such as Singer, though individual parts may be acquired through the DP64 retrofit package by DP Motorsport. Regrettably, the firm has refrained from revealing either the cost or if it is even for acquisition.

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