Lexus NX Enhanced with Major Upgrades and Fresh Overtrail Model

New and improved lineup caters to diverse lifestyles.

Lexus recently revealed a multitude of noteworthy improvements to its NX model, refreshing the second edition of the lavish crossover first released in 2021. These upgrades are currently exclusive to Japan and encompass enhancements to the chassis, new features, and the introduction of a fresh trim level.

Lexus has recently enhanced the chassis of the NX model by adding durable braces, aimed at increasing rigidity and reducing rear body deformation. This improvement is complemented with a refined suspension tuning, resulting in superior handling stability and ride comfort. The drive modes and cabin quietness have also been carefully adjusted for optimal performance. Additionally, the NX350 variant now boasts an updated front and rear torque distribution, contributing to a seamless and linear acceleration, and an overall heightened level of comfort.

The recently unveiled Overtrail edition of the NX, originally seen in the Lexus GX, boasts a freshly updated appearance. A strikingly darkened grille, window frames, door handles, outer mirrors, and roof rails give this model a sleek and stealthy look. Adding to its bold style is the new Moon Desert color option. Additionally, the NX’s revamped design includes a set of 18-inch black aluminum wheels, adorned with all-terrain tires. Not only does this enhance the aesthetic, but it also raises the crossover’s ground clearance by 0.6 inches for improved off-road capabilities.

In the meantime, the inside is equipped with premium Overtrail features such as Monolith fabric seat coverings and decorative accents on the door panels.

The NX Overtrail model not only boasts impressive aesthetics, but it also features a specially calibrated adaptive variable suspension to provide enhanced stability and comfort on inconsistent terrain. This latest trim, along with all-wheel drive models, also includes an upgraded Trail mode that effectively reduces the risk of tire slippage and effectively distributes power amongst the wheels for improved performance.

Besides the enhancements to the chassis and the introduction of the new Overtrail trim, the recently updated Lexus NX range boasts a fresh addition to its color options: Sonic Copper. Additionally, the interior now offers Solis White and Hazel upholstery, depending on the selected trim level. Furthermore, two USB Type-C charging ports have been incorporated into the center box, and exterior lighting has been installed on the rear handles. To further enhance the driving experience, the NX350 F Sport model is equipped with Advanced Park assistance and Parking support braking technology.

Modifications have been implemented, including a transition from a 9.8-inch display to a larger 14-inch Display Audio Plus. The fender arch molding has also been enhanced, along with the Qi wireless charging capability. Additionally, the NX now boasts upgraded trinocular full LED headlamps. Furthermore, a panoramic sunroof choice is now available for the highest level NX model.

The new and improved Lexus NX is now on the market in Japan. We anticipate that these upgrades will potentially be introduced to the US market for the 2025 model year, as the 2024 updates have recently been released.

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