London Taxi Company Electric Minivan

Fits Up to 8 Passengers

Chances are you have not encountered the London Electric Vehicle Corporation (LEVC). This company has revitalized the classic London Taxi by creating a fully electric version, in addition to including a 1.5 liter Volvo-engine as an extending range feature. Owned by Geely, which also possesses Lotus, Volvo, Smart, Zeekr, and Polestar, amongst others, LEVC is branching out more extensively with the L380.

The single-box car has a very simplistic design which is reminiscent of the Airbus A380 featuring a coast-to-coast LED strip at the leading edge and headlights embedded in the bumper. Gazing at it from the side, aside from its flush door handles and tall greenhouse, it appears to be quite mundane; but it holds much more excitement inside it.

The L380 is built on the Geely Space-Oriented Architecture (SOA), a platforms crafted for over 2.5 years in development centers located in both China, Sweden, the United Kingdom, and Germany. The commodious interior can be obtained with either six or eight passenger seating options, the last of which includes four rows of chairs. Measuring 209.3 inches in length, this minivan is 5.0 inches longer than the Chrysler Pacifica. Its wheelbase measures 125.4 inches, while the American Multi Purpose Vehicle (MPV) measures 121.6 inches.

Electric power is provided by a solitary motor, giving it a maximum capability of 268 horsepower. A nickel-cobalt-manganese (NMC) battery stores electricity, though its storage size remains unknown thus far. According to Geely’s SOA platform, batteries range somewhere between 73 and 120 kilowatt-hours.

The L380 will be presented to the Electric Chinese Mini-Van market sometime during the beginning of the upcoming year. This model will join a highly competitive range featuring competitors from Toyota, Volvo, Zeekr, Denza, Trumpchi, and several other automakers.

Source: LEVC

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