Mansory MC20: Supercar Performance, Hypercar Styling

Mansory’s Unyielding Soft Kit Effort

Mansory has unveiled their latest “soft kit” for the Maserati MC20 Cielo. The renowned tuner is famous for their wild creations, but this new kit takes the Italian supercar to a whole new level with a bold and aggressive look. The kit consists of redesigned front and rear bumpers, side skirts, an upgraded rear wing, and larger air intakes. The overall effect is one of power and presence, making the MC20 Cielo even more formidable than before. The kit also includes a range of carbon fiber components, from the hood to the side skirts and rear diffuser, all designed to give the car a more muscular and dynamic appearance. The result is a car that looks like it’s ready to take on any challenge.

“There’s nothing ‘soft’ about the kit,” said the tuner of the all-carbon-fiber affair similar to the MC20 Refinement Package. Adapted for the convertible Cielo, the kit maintains the aggressive GT3 racer look, with the only difference being the lack of the roof scoop found on the coupe.

The aesthetical value of the MC20 Cielo is open to opinion; however, it is unmistakable that Mansory’s vision is very exclusive from the poise proposed by other automobile customizers such as 7Design.

Mansory is offering a brand new look for the Italian supercar via their body kit, featuring a range of components including a front bumper splitter, side skirts, headlight covers, rear inlets, mirror caps, grille and a rear diffuser. Owners looking to take customization to the next level can go for the carbon hood, big-sized back sport wing and a low key lip spoiler. Add to that a discreet rear-view camera, though that’s an optional extra if desired.

The MC20 Improvement Package can be matched with FV.5 lightened rims, a reduced suspension system, as well as several exhaust configureations. This brand-new set offers the same advantage as before.

This finely crafted kit brings together modified seating, with bucket seats upholstered in both Alcantara and quilted leather presented in shades of yellow and black. The floor mats and seat belts correspond to the accents on the dash and the center console. Furthermore, Mansory has created a unique steering wheel which is composed of luxuries elements such as carbon fiber, Alcantara, contrast stitching, along with shift lights and a 12 o’clock marker.

Mansory has employed their expertise to the Maserati, boosting the output to an remarkable 710 horsepower and 627 pound-feet of torque – much better than the original Nettuno V6’s 621 hp/538 lb-ft and almost equivalent in power to the aggressively high velocity MCXtrema. Its highest speed has been measured at 205 mph, with a 0-62 mph burst of 2.7 seconds.

An infinite variety of customizations for the MC20 Cielo are on offer, but if those are unsatisfactory, Mansory are able to accept requests and make sure your hypercar is genuinely exclusive. The outcome is completely reliant on the desires of the owner.

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