25 Ultra-Exclusive Carbon Fiber MC20 Cielo Primaserie Cars

Aero-Efficiency Improved By 123%: Kits for Open-Top Supercars

Maserati will fabricate only 65 copies of the MC20 Cielo Primaserie, the absolutely outlandish edition of their hottest convertible supercar. Benefiting from 7Design and its aero-enhancing body kits, several of these are even more one-of-a-kind.

When it was initially presented for the MC20 coupe, the MC20 Aria from the US-based tuner was more than just a visual upgrade. According to the company, their kit increases the aero efficiency of the car by a whopping 123%. This substantial enhancement should no doubt improve the performance of the vehicle. Despite its aggressiveness, the aero package still conforms to the original design language of the MC20 Cielo and balances “aggressiveness with elegance.”

The MC20 Primaserie Cielo package exhibits an array of features, such as a frontal splitter, bonnet ventilation inserts, fender flares, side sills, a rear spoiler, and a diffuser. According to the customizer, utilization of the components ensure that an excess of 199 lbs of downforce is generated at 100 mph, with a total of 509 lbs that can be seen when traveling 160 mph and 795 lbs at 200 mph.

The carbon fiber packages are found in three forms: forged, twill, and hued. This Primaserie is showing off blue-tinted, pre-preg carbon elements to make certain they’re structurally sound. And no need to skewer the MC20 body either–these kits use its stock mounting points for effortless mating. There’s also a slew of forged wheel varieties to pick from, such as the 20-spoke OZ concept influenced by the road-exclusive MC12 Corsa, the direct ancestor of the MC20.

Although not specified for the MC20 Cielo Primaserie, 7Design provides a Stage 2 exhaust system which contributes an additional 20hp while cutting 15lbs. This should correspond to the limited edition version, given to its possession of the same twin-turbo Nettuno V6 engine exporting 621hp and 538lb ft of torque directly from the factory.

7Design has yet to announce the cost for the carbon fiber body kits for the MC20 Cielo Primaserie, and their website isn’t displaying the correct amounts. Nonetheless, by making only 25 complete builds, there is a claimed surge in the supercar’s total value beyond $500,000, which is twice that of the expected price of the MC20 Cielo Primaserie.

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