New Spy Shots Reveal Sleek Look of Mini John Cooper Works Hardtop

New Glimpse at Gas-Powered Variant After Viewing Electric Version

Recently, CarBuzz spy photographers were able to get their lenses on fresh snapshots of the upcoming Mini John Cooper Works Hardtop. These images show that the turbocharged hot hatch will maintain its predecessor’s iconic aesthetic, as the camouflage covering the car was not as extensive as in previous sightings.As seen in the new photos, the Mini JCW Hardtop will undergo some changes, but they are subtle enough to not affect its overall appearance. The front bumper seems to have been slightly modified, with a larger air intake and revamped fog lights. The grille has also been updated, with a honeycomb design that gives the car a more aggressive look.Moving towards the rear, we can see a new diffuser and revised taillights, which now feature Union Jack motifs, paying homage to the car’s British heritage. The side profile remains largely unchanged, except for the addition of new alloy wheels, which add a touch of sportiness to the overall design.Under the hood, the Mini JCW Hardtop is expected to come with a turbocharged engine, producing an output of around 228 horsepower. This will enable the car to reach 0-60 mph in less than six seconds, making it a true hot hatch.The interior is likely to receive some minor updates, such

Previously, we witnessed the introduction of the electric version of the Mini Cooper and were impressed by the stylish evolution of its compact design to suit the electric vehicle era. Regrettably, though, the performance of this electric car does not match its appearance, forcing us to rely on traditional fuel for an enjoyable driving experience.

The introduction of the gas JCW is the solution we’ve been waiting for, and fortunately, it will be available before the EV.

BMW’s B48 2.0-liter turbocharged four-cylinder is rumored to be housed under the hood, though we speculate that it will have a different power output compared to its counterpart in the BMW X1 and X2, which boasts a generous 312 horsepower. Therefore, it makes sense for the familiar engine to receive a boost for the upcoming generation. The 2023 model currently offers 228 horsepower, which is sufficient for a 0-60 mph time of under six seconds, but not quite impressive.

We anticipate a fresh infotainment system inside, complete with video games, a virtual assistant, and augmented reality navigation. Being a JCW variant, we can also anticipate a more athletic interior, possibly adorned with abundant red accents and an abundance of John Cooper Works symbols.

The exterior appearance bears a striking resemblance to its electric JCW counterpart, however, there are noticeable differences such as added vents for engine cooling. The lower center grille and side intakes also feature subtle design variations. Moving towards the back of the vehicle, the alterations are more pronounced. Notably, the gas-powered JCW boasts a less menacing rear roof spoiler. The reflectors flanking the diffuser seem smaller in size and this prototype model is outfitted with roof rails, a feature absent on the electric JCW.

Sporty rims and a centralized exhaust outlet finish off the modifications, and despite not removing all the camouflage, it is evident that this will be an attractive high-performance hatchback. If only it could become even more alluring with a Grand Prix edition. Fortunately, Mini CEO Stefanie Wurst is determined to make that a reality.

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