Radical Concepts Inspire New Nissan EVs

Hyper Urban, Punk and Chill Concepts

Nissan has divulged the motivations driving its up and coming EVs: the new Leaf, likewise the electric forms of the Rogue Sport (otherwise known as the Qashqai) and the recently abandoned Juke in the US for 2018.

It has been stated by the vehicle manufacturer, that the Chill-Out Concept presented in 2021, as well as the Hyper Urban and Hyper Punk Concepts showcased at the 2023 Japan Mobility Show will be the driving force behind the design of current and upcoming Electric Vehicles.

The Hyper Urban Concept is specifically designed for city dwellers, boasting a calming interior with collapsible front seats, rear captain’s chairs, a glass roof, and two screens for the back passengers. On the other hand, the Hyper Punk Concept is tailored for “content creators, influencers, artists, and those who embrace style and innovation.”

In regards to the Chill-Out Concept, the all-electric crossover offers outwardly a more tranquil exterior design than the Hyper prototypes. Inside, the direction wheel could be put away to generate a movie theater-inspired aboarding with a large display screen.

Nissan has not revealed which concept will influence which production EV. If we make an assumption, based on the specs and sequence mentioned in the statement, then it would seem the Hyper Urban Concept could inspire the Rogue Sport since they are both quite spacious regarding interior design. The Hyper Punk Vision may give clues towards the Juke, as the two share similarities when targeting a younger demographic of drivers. Lastly, the more standard Chill-Out Visual could hint at the Leaf, which is fitting with the rumours that there will be a new crossover model for the well-known electric hatchback coming out in 2025.

Nissan recently declared the EV36Zero, their flagship eco-friendly vehicle hub. This hub has been established in Sunderland, UK and has acquired an investment of a colossal £3 billion (approximately $3.780 billion), with the primary purpose of creating a pioneering manufacturing ecosystem for EVs. The mission for both Europe and the United States is to have the full range of electric vehicles readily available by 2030.

“Electric vehicles are truly exciting, and they are at the core of our mission to become carbon neutral. We are driving forward a new era for Nissan, for the industry, and for our customers, by introducing electric versions of our most popular European models,” said Nissan president and CEO Makoto Uchida.

Nissan’s Vision 2030 is to be reinforced by the new electric vehicles, with a signified purpose of framing 27 electrified models (encompassing 19 BEVs) over the upcoming seven years.

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