Nissan Z Nismo: No Manual for ’24

Muted Color Options Available

As per an uncovered instruction manual featured on the New Nissan Z platform, it appears that the freshly teased Nissan Z Nismo will be solely accessible with a nine-speed auto gearbox – no manual is available. In the advertisement video which was issued last week, drifter Chris Forsberg drove a vehicle with paddle shifters, thus signifying an automatic was an option, though no one anticipated no three-pedal alternative.

It does seem incongruous that the top tier of Nissan Z car functioning is solely accessible via two pedals, a strange selection for such a vehicle enthusiast-oriented. However, anecdotally, there is probably a basic factor for this determination.

Despite Nissan’s claims that the Z is “all-new,” it is actually based on the aging architecture of the 370Z and the 350Z before it. Although an increase in output has yet to be confirmed, it is likely that buyers will expect more than the standard 400 horsepower/350 lb-ft of torque. Unfortunately, the platform’s manual transmission may not be able to handle any additional torque.

When it comes down to it, it’s questionable if Nissan has made the right move by foregoing handbook transmission. It might have been too costly of a decision and there could have been other alternatives to share the costs accordingly. Additionally, even manufacturers who have committed to production of manuals, like Toyota with their Supra model, anticipate that the presence of the three-pedal setup will not be popular with potential customers.

In other news, a recently unearthed dealer announcement has unveiled certain colors and trims which will be available for the Z Nismo. Black Diamond Pearl is the only color that can be chosen at no extra cost. Additionally, clients have the opportunity to pick from a selection of hues (all featuring a black rooftop) such as Brilliant Silver Two-Tone, Passion Red Tricoat, Everest White Pearl Tricoat, and the sole color exclusive to the Nismo – Stealth Grey. A two-piece racing stripe package can also be acquired, whereas inside the car, the cabin will be decorated with a black and red mesh design. Contrary to this, there are no other shade patterns listed, but the Nismo mats would probably match the interior’s scheme the best.

Nissan has not publicly divulged when we could anticipate additional information; however, considering the in-depth teaser shared last week plus the distribution of orders guides, it would seem likely that a comprehensive overview, which should include pricing and execution specs, will be published at some point during this month.

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