Nissan Unveils Daring Hyper Adventure Concept

Preview of Electric Armada Successor

Recently, after unveiling the Hyper City concept, the creators at Nissan disclosed their latest invention: the Hyper Adventure, an eco-friendly, off-road vehicle created for adventurers. Showing us what could potentially become part of Nissan’s all-electric selection, this exclusive concept has a remarkable design.

The Hyper Adventure has been designed to serve as the ideal travelling partner. V2X (vehicle-to-everything) technology endows this electric off-roader with the capacity to function as a portable generator, providing power for your house or any other items requiring electricity.

Nissan declares the automobile is fitted with an extensive battery as a power source for its passengers. The V2X system can serve to recharge handhelds, give electricity in shadowy camping spots, and even relight battery-driven leisure items. Furthermore, the all-terrain vehicle also holds V2H (vehicle-to-house) and V2G (vehicle-to-grid) features.

Nissan’s advanced e-4ORCE all-wheel drive system, visible in the Ariya, outfits the Hyper Adventure with the capacity to easily cope with slushy or icy terrain. Added to this are the crampon-fitted rims and bumpers, conferring a greater ability for traversing snowy ground.

The styling of the Hyper Adventure concept is distinct and far more advanced than current off-road machines such as the Armada. Notable is the diagonal line that glides through the side of its aerodynamic form, which Nissan asserts elucidates the commodious interior.

An aerodynamic look is essential in order to preserve travel distance, and inventors have attempted a number of strategies with the hope of achieving a streamline silhouette. For example, the windows on the sides were subtly connected to the ceiling, while a distinctive front air dam manages the wind currents for optimum efficiency. We find the taillight particularly appealing, since it replicates the look of the dynamic spoiler at the back.

The Hyper Adventure could be a rough-and-tumble SUV, though it has an unmistakably upscale interior. Its digital instrument cluster is comfortably installed at the bottom of the front window, providing the driver with a sleek dashboard while still being able to show off any necessary data. This idea was perfected on the BMW i Vision Dee, however still makes an interesting sight.

Nissan claims that the Hyper Adventure has plenty of room for any outdoor gear. It is especially capable of readily containing a kayak. Besides, its inside cabin offers great flexibility for occupants in terms of layout, thanks to a back bench able to rotate 180 degrees, therefore turning the place into a comfy lounge area.

Nissan will be exhibiting a second version of their exhilarating Hyper concept virtually at the Japan Mobility Show shortly. In the meantime, they’ll be unveiling two further iterations of this model.

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