Own Cayman GT4 RS VIN 001: $219,900

Own the Porsche Press Vehicle

Porsche fanatics: We present to you a car that ought to catch your fancy. This 718 Cayman GT4 RS, in spite of its shabby appearance, features a uniquely small VIN number and previous ownership – which makes it a rare opportunity for Porsche connoisseurs aiming to acquire a vehicle armed with an established history in their possession.

The extreme concluding numbers of this particular Porsche Cayman GT4 RS’s VIN figure are 0001. While a representative for Porsche was unable to validate to Motor1 if this vehicle genuinely was the initial production GT4 RS created, there is unquestionable delight among committed Porsche hoarding connoisseurs at sighting such an identification number.

Plus, this GT4 RS had a noteworthy past proprietor: Porsche North America. During the 3454 miles before it went up for sale at Porsche Dallas, it was used as a press car to be allocated to journalists for shots, testing, and reports. I have knowledge of this since I drove approximately 600 miles on it back in July, including tons of circuits at Lime Rock Park. The automobile was also tested under strenuous circumstances at Car and Driver’s annual Lightning Lap, a lap-time event that goes down at Virginia International Raceway all year.

Before discarding this GT4 RS as worn-out beyond belief, its essential to understand how Porsche looks after their press cars bearing that famous GT badge. It’s always a top-priority that the vehicle stays in mint condition, through regularly servicing brakes, tires, and engines; Additionally, in case of any inadvertent harm done by an overzealous journalist, repairs are invariably done with official Porsche parts from Porsche technicians. To ensure no stone is left unturned, even during media track assessments, these vehicles are typically accompanied by Porsche personnel keeping an eagle eye on proceedings. In my view, I’m certain one of these press Porsches will be in a better condition than an owned example of over similar mileage – particularly if said owned vehicle has seen some racetrack exposure.

If you’re still unsure, consider that this GT4 RS is covered by a Porsche Certified pre-owned warranty, potentially saving you plenty in case of any substantial damage. At its asking price of $219,900, it is among the lowest cost RS models out there currently. It becomes an even more lucrative purchase once you factor in the Weissach package mentioned – which was originally a $13,250 add-on.

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