Pierce Brosnan Caught Speeding at 120 MPH Thanks to BMW’s Free 8 Series Gift

Law enforcement issues verbal caution instead of pressing charges.

It is a well-known fact that actors lead a privileged life. Not only do they make millions of dollars per film, but they also receive special benefits from time to time. This was evident in the mid-1990s when Pierce Brosnan was given a “little present, a little gift from BMW.”

Despite its seemingly small size, James Bond received a generous gift of 188.2 inches in the form of a BMW Grand Touring vehicle. Specifically, he was given ownership of a sparkling new 8 Series Coupe in the impressive 850 Ci specification. This occurred in the aftermath of Goldeneye’s triumph, which showcased the sleek Z3 model. The roadster’s appearance in the film was all thanks to a partnership between BMW and MGM, which covered three movies. The following films, Tomorrow Never Dies and The World Is Not Enough, highlighted the luxurious 750iL and the eye-catching Z8, respectively.

Pierce Brosnan and the Perks of Being James Bond | Late Night with Conan O’Brien

A user on Reddit shared a clip from an installment of The Late Night with Conan O’Brien show that was broadcasted on February 7, 1997, showcasing an appearance by a famous Irish actor. During the segment, he recounts his experience of getting pulled over for speeding in Idaho on the initial day of filming for Dante’s Peak. While he had been driving at a staggering speed of 120 mph, he was surprisingly let go with just a verbal warning. In exchange for being let off the hook, the authorities were curious to know the behind-the-scenes details of the bungee jump scene filmed at the Verzasca Dam in Switzerland for the movie Goldeneye.

When asked about his excessive speed, he justified it by saying, “I didn’t even realize it because the car was just so good, so smooth!” The first-generation 8 Series, crafted by BMW, had a unique feature that automatically raised the windows once the car hit 100 mph in order to minimize wind noise. Although the 850 Ci eventually replaced the 850i, there was a time when both models were being produced.

For a period of time, BMW produced the 850 Ci with two distinct engines, namely the M70 and M73. Actor Pierce Brosnan owned a more recent model, featuring the larger and higher-performing 5.4-liter engine, instead of the standard 5.0-liter.

After conducting thorough research, we have come across what appears to be a vintage advertisement for a vehicle. According to the ad, the car is a 1996 model and has a mileage of 49,820 miles (80,177 kilometers). We have attempted to contact the owner who resides in California; however, it is unlikely that we will receive a reply.

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