Pirelli Develops Custom Tires for Ferrari’s Enzo

Modernized the Enzo with 2002-style Pirelli P Zero Corsa System featuring updated compounds.

Creating new tires for classic vehicles presents more challenges than one might imagine. To achieve the best performance, it is essential to adhere to the tread patterns and construction techniques that were initially intended for the vehicle. Additionally, maintaining a similar appearance to the original tires is crucial for aesthetic reasons. However, incorporating modern compounds can significantly enhance safety, handling, and overall driving experience. The ultimate goal is to blend vintage aesthetics and construction with advanced rubber technology. Pirelli revealed on Wednesday that they are developing such a tire specifically for the Ferrari Enzo.

It may be difficult to think of the Enzo as an “old car,” considering that the V-12 supercar was introduced more than two decades ago. The recently released Pirelli P Zero Corsa System tires for the Enzo are available in OEM sizes—245/35ZR19 for the front and 345/35ZR19 for the rear—and visually resemble the original tires. However, despite appearances, this is essentially a new tire that was jointly developed by Pirelli and Ferrari.

Creating and producing a new tire is a massive project, especially when it will be manufactured in very small numbers. Ferrari produced just 399 units of the Enzo, making the demand for these tires extremely limited.

Pirelli has introduced a variety of fresh tires for classic vehicles through its Collezione initiative. For example, owners of early 911s can now get brand-new 185-width CN36s, while those with Countach Quattrovalvoles have the option of fitting extra-wide Cinturato P7s. (Michelin offers a similar service as well.) Previously, Pirelli developed modern tires with a vintage look for models like the F40 and F50, receiving official approval from Ferrari. In their latest partnership, the two companies unveiled plans for a new tire tailored for the 288 GTO: a Cinturato P7 available in the unique dimensions of 225/50R16 for the front and 265/50R16 for the rear.

Neither Pirelli nor Ferrari have released information regarding the pricing or availability date for the Enzo tires. It is likely that they will come at a high cost, possibly hundreds of dollars per tire. However, if you are able to afford an Enzo, the price of the tires should not pose a problem.

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