Pods 2024 AirPods with Improved Features Based on Customer Feedback – Lucid Innovations Listens!

Small Tweaks, Big Impact: How Little Changes Can Make a Big Difference

The 2024 Lucid Air collection has undergone significant changes, resulting in a reduction in the initial cost and incorporating valuable suggestions from customers to enhance the overall quality. In an exclusive interview with CarBuzz at ModaMiami, we spoke with Rob Whitely, senior expert of product marketing at Lucid, to gain insights into how this sophisticated electric vehicle company promptly adapted to customer feedback in order to provide better satisfaction to its clients.

According to Whitely, “The price point enables us to go right into the meat of the market with BMW i5 and Mercedes-Benz EQE Sedan.” He emphasized that the entry-level Air Pure’s $69,900 MSRP is a “game changer.” This price allows them to compete in the market with top brands such as BMW and Mercedes-Benz.

According to the speaker, the current market value of the i5 and EQE Sedan is around $70,000, particularly at the higher end. However, the Air Pure model stands out as it offers a significant amount of standard features that the others do not. These include adaptive cruise control, heated front seats, and the option for massage seats, even without any additional upgrades.

It is important to note that the base version of Air Pure can travel 410 miles on a single charge, which far surpasses BMW and Mercedes models and even outperforms the Tesla Model S.

Lucid has recently made changes to its vehicle configurations, removing some options that were not in high demand. Both the Pure All-Wheel-Drive and the Grand Touring Performance have been discontinued. The most affordable AWD model available now is the Touring, and for those seeking a truly powerful vehicle, the only option with over 1,000 horsepower is the insane Sapphire performance model, boasting an impressive 1,234 hp.

According to Whitely, “We received numerous customer requests to separate the content from the trim levels.”

In the present, customers have the option of purchasing a Pure edition with a range of 410 miles without having to pay extra for additional features such as massage seats, ventilated front seats, a superior sound system, soft-close doors, or four-zone climate control. However, by 2023, moving up to higher models would also mean an increase in power and features. Now, these desirable features can be obtained without having to invest in extra power or range that may not be necessary.

Lucid also listened to the suggestions received from both our Air test drive and their customers, resulting in the aluminum roof now being included as a standard feature, even for the Grand Touring option. While the glass canopy remains available for an additional $4,000, there were complaints that it caused discomfort and necessitated higher A/C usage to maintain a cool interior temperature.

Lucid goes beyond simply altering prices and switching materials. They also make use of frequent over-the-air updates (which have surpassed the 100 mark) to continuously enhance the user experience and introduce fresh elements. One noteworthy update is the inclusion of a version of Tesla’s popular Dog Mode in their Air model, which now boasts a Creature Comfort Mode that allows the climate control to remain on even after the driver has exited the vehicle.

Lucid has taken a lesson from its fellow American electric vehicle brand in more ways than one. The company has recently revealed that it will be adopting Tesla’s NACS connector by 2025. According to Whitely, this transition will take place in “calendar year 2025,” although no details have been provided regarding which model will be the first to feature an NACS port. While the Lucid Gravity SUV is set to begin production towards the end of 2024, it is possible that it will still come equipped with a CCS connector.

Whitely stated, “An adaptor (from CCS to NACS) is in the works, however, I am uncertain of the timeline for its development.”

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